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The Hungarian Board Game Award was founded in 2010 aiming to aid Hungarian customers by awarding the best, recently published family board games available in Hungary.

Preconditions of nomination:

  • Any nominated game has to be completely translated to Hungarian. (At least the components and rules are fully translated and the box features Hungarian description text on it)
  • Only games published in the preceding two years are eligible for nomination. The Hungarian publishing date is normative at the compliance check.

Principles of the decision:

The Hungarian Board Game Award focuses on finding the best games for families and casual gamers. As usual families not necessarily have the time to spend hours on learning complex rules and playing games of epic length, the award focuses on finding games with easy-to-learn and clear rules, relatively short playing time (about 30-60 minutes) and high replayability. The quality of the translation is also crucial during the evaluation as families can't be expected to read rules in foreign languages or troubleshoot translation errors in other ways. The game mechanism itself has to represent something unique and new to the Hungarian market, our goal is to award games with different, jet entertaining gaming experience.

Every year a new, five-membered jury is chosen by the members of the Hungarian Board-gamer Society to preserve the freshness, objectivity and competence of the jury. The awarding process is supervised and organized by a three-membered committee.


For further information, please contact the committee in email at bizottsag[at]jatekdij.hu.

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