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The Goblin Magnifico is an Italian boardgame award, aimed at creating a shortlist of heavy boardgames for gamers, chosen by true gamers.

The Goblin Magnifico is sponsored by La Tana dei Goblin (the Goblins’ Lair), the largest Italian boardgame community.


The Award "Goblin Magnifico" is born with the aim to select a shortlist of boardgames for gamers, chosen by gamers themselves.
We are speaking about demanding games... but still games!
This award is carried on by La Tana dei Goblin http://www.goblins.net/ : the greatest Italian boardgames community and the biggest reality in our country, thanks to dozens of affiliated associations along our national territory, devoted to the diffusion of gaming culture.
How beautiful would it be having a yearly list of "Magnifici"?
Games that particularly stand out among the huge annual multitude of boardgames?
Something thought for gamers community. Of course there will be a winner, the "Goblin Magnifico", chosen by a selected panel of judges, and another one, "Scelto dai Goblin"(Chosen by Goblins), selected by popular vote by La Tana dei Goblin online community registered users. Sometimes the judges may assign a "Special Nomination" award to another game among the eight ones selected for the final fase: it is not the winner, but a strongly raccomended second place.
This is the Goblin Magnifico mission!

For this purpose there is a panel of judges which selected and tested games and games for months. But even the popular vote has his own relevance. Will the users choose the same game chosen by the judges? What if the "Scelto dai Goblin" turned out to be the same as "Goblin Magnifico"? It doesn't matter. What is really important is to give useful information. To speak about games. To try games and to share gaming experiences. And last but not least to play and let people play.

The aim of Goblin Magnifico is not only to make a list of final candidates but mainly to give the people the opportunity to play those candidates as well. What's the purpose of a game if it's not played?
So, beginning with Modena "Play", the most important italian boardgames fair, there will be a big demonstrative area dedicated to the selected games. Dozens of tables with demonstrators for each game.
And after Modena Play, the Goblin Magnifico does not stop: Carrara and so on!
This initiative has been thought in fact as a "Road Show" all along Italy: where there will be a games fair, there you'll find Goblins playing with you the selected games, showing the Goblin Magnifico and the other finalists.

TdG - La Tana dei Goblin

2015 nominations:
- Alchemists
- Arkwright
- Castles of Mad King Ludwig
- KanBan: Automotive Revolution
- Panamax
- Patchistory
- The Golden Ages
- Wir Sind Das Volk!

2015 Goblin Magnifico Winner:
Wir Sind Das Volk!

2015 Special Nomination:

2015 Chosen by Goblins:

2016 nominations:
- Blood Rage
- Star Wars: Imperial Assault
- Churchill
- Food Chain Magnate
- Mombasa
- Pandemic Legacy - Season 1
- Signorie
- The Voyages of Marco Polo

2016 Goblin Magnifico Winner
Food Chain Magnate

2016 Chosen by Goblins
The Voyages of Marco Polo

2017 nominations:
- Cry Havoc
- Great Western Trail
- Pax Renaissance
- Scythe
- Star Wars: Rebellion
- Terraforming Mars
- Tragedy Looper
- Tramways

2017 Goblin Magnifico Winner
Cry Havoc

2017 Chosen by Goblins

2018 nominations:
- Aeon's End
- Gaia Project
- Heaven & Ale
- Keyper
- Noria
- Pulsar 2849
- Time of Crisis
- Vast: the crystal caverns

2018 Goblin Magnifico Winner

2018 Chosen by Goblins

2019 nominations:
- 18Lilliput
- Blackout: Hong-Kong
- Detective: a modern crime boardgame
- Rising Sun
- Root
- Teotihuacan
- Tokyo Metro
- Underwater Cities

2019 Goblin Magnifico Winner

2019 Chosen by Goblins

2020 nominations:
- Barrage
- BIOS Origins
- Crystal Palace
- Pax Transhumanity
- Space Gate Odyssey
- Terramara
- The Crew
- Undaunted: Normandy

2020 Goblin Magnifico Winner

2020 Chosen by Goblins

Tratto da: https://www.goblins.net/goblin-magnifico/albo-giochi-premiati
Copyright © La Tana dei Goblin

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