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Award: Golden Geek Awards

The Golden Geek Awards are presented every year at the BGG.Con event in Dallas, Texas. Nominees are from a selection of games released over the course of the previous year. The winners of the Golden Geek are nominated and selected through voting by the user communities of the BGG, RPGG, and VGG website.

Nominations and Voting

1.) A preliminary "nomination round" is held for approximately 1 month (usually in January or February), during which the community nominates games released over the year that they think are worthy of receiving an award. Every eligible voter can nominate up to 10 games in each of the categories. Only the top 10 to 15 most nominated games during the "nomination phase" make it to the "voting round" and become eligible for any awards.

2.) A "voting round" is then held for approximately three weeks. Voting is conducted using the Schulze method. What award (if any) the 10 to 15 nominees receive is decided during the voting round.

3.) A physical Golden Geek medal and award letter are sent out to both the publisher and designer/developer of the winning games; provided we can get in touch with them via website, email, snail mail, facebook, twitter, etc. Nominees and Winners are allowed to display the appropriate Golden Geek Award for the year they were nominated/won on their websites and game packaging.

Note: Prior to 2014, eligible games had to have been released from the latter half of the previous year to the latter half of the current year; From October 2012 to September 2013 for example. In 2014 the nomination and voting date was changed to January, the earliest it had ever been. The change was made to ensure that all nominated games were from the same year.

More specifics:

  • The current rule for the Print & Play category is that the nominees may not be a title that has been, in the process of being published or crowdfunded during the award period.
  • Games or Podcasts that have won the Golden Geek Award in the past are not eligible to be nominated again.

Voter rules:

In order to avoid voter fraud, we have adopted the following restrictions:

1. Voting is restricted to users who have purchased an avatar or a geekbadge. Voters who pay a one-time 20 GeekGold fee or supporting users (having a supporter badge from any year is sufficient) can also participate.

2. Anyone caught stuffing the ballot box will have their votes removed and be suspended permanently from the site.

In 2018 the last awards were held for RPGs and Video Games. The decision to cease awards for these games was made based on a lack of community participation.

A proposed solution was a committee comprised of community members that pledged to act as judges for the year. There would need to be a set number of users that would definitely vote to make the committee work.

2006 - Golden Geek Awards held for first time.
2009 - Discontinued "Gamers' Board Game".
2010 - Added award category "Best Strategy Board Game".
2010 - Added award categories for RPGs.
2011 - Added award categories for video games.
2015 - Added new video game categories "Best PC", "PS4", "Xbox", "3DS", "Vita" and "Switch" game.
2015 - Added new board game category "Best Board Game App"
2018 - Added new board game category "Best Cooperative Game"
2019 - RPG and Video Game awards were not held.
2020 - RPG and Video Game awards were not held. Replaced "Board Game of the Year", "Best Strategy Board Game" and "Best Family Board Game" with "Light Game of the Year", "Medium Game of the Year" and "Heavy Game of the Year". Added new board game category "Best Zoomable Game". "Best Party Board Game" was not held.
2021 - RPG and Video Game awards were not held. "Best Zoomable Game" was not held.

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