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A very, very occasional blog which is primarily for long-term comments and notes. This may change.

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Andy Wright's Game Ranking Scale Mk 1

Andy Wright
United Kingdom
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For reference and the edification of people wondering how the heck I decided to rate the games in my collection here is a rough list of the rating scale I'm using for games I own.

Note that I do most of my gaming at the weekly Spririt Games night in Burton - and as you'll see from the ratings, that item is key!


The best game ever made. If I ever find THE game that is 10 then it'll be the end of the line. Get rid of the rest of the collection because I'll be playing nothing else ever again.

Needless to say, I doubt a 10 exists or ever will exist.


The best game I've found yet and pretty darned close to 10. If there's a place at this games table then all else will be left to play it.

This goes to the current best game in my collection. At the time of writing it's Eclipse and I can't think of any game that equals it in general all-over perfection.


Pretty fine games that'll be the ones I'll frequently take to play on a wednesday night.

I've a fair few of these since I do play before I buy or read up on the Geek before buying.


Good games that I'll occasionally take to play on a Wednesday if they've not been played in a while.

A lot of games in this category for the same reason as 8 above. Pretty good, but not as good as the games rated 8.


OK games that'll see the light of day as "fillers" or I've not played in a great while.

Quite a few of these. These tend to be games that lack longevity due to lack of variation game to game. They're not "bad", just don't vary enough to be worth playing frequently. They'll tend to get dragged out at conventions since in such a mileu familiarity and ease of remembering/reminding of the rules is a big plus point!


OK games, damned with faint praise, which may get played for a particular mechanic or service a weird itch but otherwise will languish in the games cupboard. I've a few card games that fall into ths category, but get dragged along since they live in a my big cardgame box.

They looked good, but disappointed slightly (not through any bad mechanic), but just fell a bit flat.


Now we are getting into "urgh" territory. These are games that whilst not "bad" don't appeal to me personally.

I'll have few/no games in this category since I wouldn't have bought them in the first place.


These games are not much good at all. I'll only play them as an alternative to watching paint dry or raindrops trickle down the window-pane.

I've bought a couple of games that are basically dull/tedious/repetative/pointless and fell into this category.


That paint looks interesting.

I really don't want to play it and would need to be paid or bribed to do so.

Anything falling into this category I somehow aquired is likely to be dismembered and used to make or pimp other games. I've bought few games from charity shops for just this purpose.


Burn it.

By definition I will never own any game (for long) that gets this score.

Given that I do read the Geek before splashing out on games, it should not be surprising that the vast majority of games I own are rated in the range 6 to 8.

Also, bear in mind these are MY ratings for games based on MY preferences and how often I actually play them or take them to the Wednesday club. Be aware I'm not keen on games that last more than 3 hours, co-operative games or games of physical dexterity.

There are many games out there that I can see are fine games, but I personally hate to play (Pandemic, Catacombs, Twilight Imperium). If I'm asked to rate those they'll get a 4 off me - but mechnically I'd rate them much higher.

Twilight Imperium, for instance, I'd rate a solid 8 for theme, mechanics and scope (galactic empires kick ass). The one time I played it though by the 4th hour I was ready to slash my wrists or drink myself into a coma during the monumental downtime.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Hopefully that'll shed some light on why I rated my games I did.
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Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:53 pm
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