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Coming out of the closet.

Robert C Branch
United States
Granada Hills
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I have a confession to make. One that will out me to the BGG community. Once I've commited this information to the page, I'll never be able to make those who've gained the knowledge of this secret, forget. I will forever wear "this" scarlet letter for everyone to see. What I'm about to say will place me in the minority of BGG. Still, knowing this, I'm ready to reveal my secret and face whatever the community is ready to dish out.

Having spent hours a day on here over the past six weeks, I'm aware of the active hatred for who and what I am. Yet I'm still willing to come out against this obvious distain for who I am as a human being and tell you my secret. But hatred, cruelty and active prejudice be DAMNED! DAMNED I TELL YOU, DAMNED!

So you want to know who I am? You believe you have a right to know the real me? You think you can handle this truth without exploding into a rage of vile, loathing hatred towards me? OH YOU DO? YOU BELIEVE YOUR READY? YOUR FOAMING AT THE MOUTH AREN'T YOU? JUST WAITING TO POUNCE! WELL HERE IT IS COMMUNITY! HERE IS ME ADMITTING TO YOU...admitting...confessing...confessing to you that...that I'm a...MONOPOLY LOVER! THERE! I SAID IT!

Now whatta you gonna say about it?!

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Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:59 am
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