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I will use this space as an opportunity to test and start writing mini-reviews, which at some point will plan on expanding into full-fledged reviews upon the geek. Any pointers or ideas for games would be greatly appreciated. Any within my collection is fair game. Never know what you'll get next....especially with how strikingly odd my collection is.

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Thoughts and realization of how much a Geek I truly am....

Nathan Walker
United States
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I have come to realize through this site of course that I am a complete geek. I sit and read and read about any and all new games. I constantly consider what will be my next purchase. Ranking and re-ranking games that will become that next one, or what will go into my next online binge. By online binge, I mean well if I'm buying 2 games....I might as well bump it to "free shipping" so let's get 2-3 more in there. I'm been wanting to try this one....

This binge buying has rapidly expanded my gaming collection. For awhile I was attempting to get games of at least all type to hopefully pull in other games. At this point I have said screw that, I'm getting what I want to play! Tigris and Euphrates, good game, but screw this it won't get played, geek trade for Carson City? Heck, yes! I would not ever make that trade back. Carson City is enjoyed by my whole gaming group. T&E never was even desired for a second. (My group is somewhat superficial) I will play anything and everything....my group not so much.

They need to have some interest either be it theme, components, or just overall look and feel of the game in order to play it. Variety is very enjoyable for me and I will quite possibly break into my games I regret purchasing (Looking at you Android).
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Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:33 am
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