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Introducing: obsessive collector gamer girl

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First blog. What to write about. Should be something at least a bit related to games I guess.

I'll tell a bit about me, not so hard working some stuff about games in that.

So my name is Suzan, my age, erhm, if you really want to know, let's just say I'll be 29 for the fourth year in a row in a few months. I live in Enschede in the east of the Netherlands, I live together with Caesar! and our little (just a bit overweight) cute cat Tara.

On with the talk about games then. When I was little I mostly played games with my brother, and also played lots of games with my grandmother, I can't count how many games of Mens-erger-je-niet, Rummicub, Double-solitaire and more games we played.

I can't quite remember wich game really started me into "real" gaming. I was about 19/20 I guess. I think it's either Catan or Roborally. My then BF borrowed Roborally from a friend, and regretted it soon, because I wanted to play it all the time. At about the same time I started playing Catan with friends from a company where I was an intern. Later on four of us used to play Catan/Roborally on sunday night for a long time.

The first game I bought/got is probably Kahuna. I was still a student and not really as obsessed as I am now, so I went for a relative cheap game. I can't really remember the order of games I bought after that. I bought, of course, Roborally + expansions for myself (the Amigo/999 games edition), I got Catan when I left my internship, then got Carcassonne for my birthday, and bought an expansion the next day (starting my obsession with expansions).

Since this is my blog, I can take a little detour for a rant here, and I'll express an opinion that most don't agree with, so you're warned:
When I was graduating some friends wanted to give me an expansion for Catan (the same guys that bought me Catan in the first place). I really wanted the Seafarers expansion, but those who shall not be named advised the City & Knights expansion. Till this day I still don't like that expansion. I like Catan, with Seafarers, it's still Catan. That's ok, it's a fun and simple game. I don't like C&K, for the reason that other people like it: it makes Catan a different game. If I wanted to play a different game, I have enough of those!

So rant over, on with what I was talking about! My (almost favourite) subject in the world: my games. (anybody knows my cats are subject nr. one).

Two other early games I'd like to mention are Dvonn, and Machiavelli (Citadels). Making me realise I like abstracs and killing while I'm the king.

Another detour: I played Civilization once. We started at noon, we left at midnight. It was a great game. I was Crete. None of the guys thought I would win, me neither until we got close to the end. I kept quiet, I won. It had snowed when we went home.

After Boardgamegeek and Brettspielwelt were discovered, lots of games were bought. A lot of classics were played, one of them being Zug um Zug. When I first played Zug um Zug I really hated it. Really didn't like it at all. My loathing for ZuZ was maybe only surpassed by my dislike of Puerto Rico (there's a trend that I really don't ALWAYS like all the popular games). Now if we make a jump many years forward, I have bought all the ZuZ versions and expansions. What changed? Playing games with someone who has the same gaming attitude as you makes games so much more enjoyable.

I can never quite put myself into one box of gamer type, I think I like (and loath) games from most categories.
mintcamel Abstracs: I mentioned Dvonn, but I've got the whole Gipf series now. I love Gemblo, Blokus, Ricochet Robots, Hive, Einfach Genial, Durch die Wüste and more recently Kamisado and wait for it….. Chess! Never knew chess' such a fun game. My dislikes in this category: Packeis am Pol, Take it Easy!, Khet: the lasergame (first that came to mind).
limecamel Card games: from Hearts and 31 that I played as a child to Tichu, Dominion, Munchkin, Race for the galaxy, Cardgame of Catan, Killerbunnies, Bohnanza, Blue moon, Spank the monkey and loads more, I love cards. Dislike in this category : San Juan. As I look through the list of cardgames on BGG I don't see a lot of cardgames that I really don't like. Ah I found an other: Euphraat & Tigris card game.
Using the BGG category here:
grapecamel Strategy game: Funkenschlag, Euphraat & Tigris, El grande, Pandemic, Dungeon Lord, Mister Jack. Also lots of games I don't like here: Puerto Rico, Age of Steam, Wallenstein, 1830, Age of Renaissance (the trend here being that these are the games my ex-bf likes, athough that's not the reason he's an ex, it is the reason I played them, and know I don't like 'm )
lemoncamel Thematic games: Games gotta have dice, and preferably lots and lots of cards. I like Runebound, Arkham Horror, Descent, Doom, Fury of Dracula, DungeonQuest (Jup FFG loves me ), Claustrophobia, Galaxy trucker, Betrayal at house on the hill, Buffy the vampireslayer game (us). What I don't like? I think my most hated game of all time: Risk 2210 AD. Only game I ever thought I wasted my time with playing it (and for the record, after 5 hours or so, I won, still hate it).

I like some partygames when in the right mood (Werewolves), I don't have or want children so don't know anything about children's games. And I've never played a wargame.

There you have it, a complete overview of certain small parts of my gaming history. All that's missing is Heckmeck.
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Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:09 pm
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