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A blog where I track my thoughts on my various games which I flit to from one to another, seeking to find that holy grail.

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Firefights in the World of Warpath.

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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This is my new love.

Mantics World of Warpath has 4 levels of playability:
- The Sci-fi Dungeon crawler Star Saga where you play a single character.
- Deadzone,a small but detailed skirmish between 5-20 models
- FireFight, their answer to Warhammer 40k, squad based army battles.
- Warpath, large scale battles, kinda like Apocalypse

Star Saga is nearing wave 1 for delivery but the other games are currently available.

What is great is that you use the same miniatures for the different size games, so they really scratch a sizeable itch of gaming.

What I really want to talk about is Warpath Firefight, this game has blown me away.
It takes me back to the old days of Warhammer 40k Second Edition, that feeling of wonder as I played a miniature game. That feeling has been lacking for easily over a decade and I've just refound it.

I have played two games this week using Mantic's Operation Heracles two player starter and they have been an absolute blast.
The first game was over two objectives and ended in a draw, the second game I lost the game on the last turn by LITERALLY an inch! If my model was not suppressed by sniper fire and was able to move his full distance I would have claimed an objective and tied the game.
They were exciting games and amazingly well balanced between the starter sets.

A key mechanic about Firefight is the suppression rule - I think this mechanic really makes the game tick.
Suppression represents the amount of firepower a unit is taking and measured against that units NERVE value determines whether they are impacted by the incoming fire.
From shooting you gain suppression:
- One from taking hits
- One for taking more than one wound
- X = to highest suppression value of the weapons fired with.

There is suppression effects from and in melee combat but to be honest we haven't actually fought in close combat yet.

Its also very cool and visually pleasing to see these explosion markers around yours and (mostly) your opponents units, you can really see where the fire is heaviest.
This reminds me of Epic 40k, it was a visually cool mechanic.

Take suppression equal or over your NERVE value and you are suppressed, giving you a -1 Penalty for shooting and halving your movement.
Take suppression equal or more than double your NERVE and you are grounded, where your next action is to recover. In recovering you could lose models to keep your ground, or survive and be forced to fall back.

So managing suppression becomes part of the battle where you have to sacrifice actions to manage or continue on with penalties, just adds a nice level of depth to the game without overly complicating it.

I'm really enjoying this game, its fast and easy but effective.
And its also rather affordable, I've seen brand new army packages for $100AUD that give you like eight units to play with.
Certainly much cheaper than other companies, and they are still nice figures too.

Mantic, you have made me a happy gamer!
This is the love I once had for Games Workshop back in the olden days for me, back in the days of 2nd and 3rd edition 40k and games such as Inquisitor and GorkaMorka.
Mantic remind me of how they used to be, I loved those old white dwarf issues with Jervis and Andy, and FatBloke who was hilarious - fanatics of their games.

Check them out!
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Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:05 pm
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Just another Mantic Monday... wish it were Sunday

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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Bangles Earworm for you all!

Now, its not Monday but I'm certainly wishing it were Sunday for reasons later explained.
I've been bitten by the Mantic Games bug.

Now honestly I never gave Mantic a fair shot, considering them highly derivative of evil GW, I mean come on... Orx??
I also bought their Mars Attack game first and just hated it, seemed to simple.
Now I've had a change of heart and I see they seem to be what GW once was, a fun gaming hobby run by enthusiasts and fanatics alike, and I love this.
I miss the old White Dwarf issues esp with Jervis and Andy, and the later ones with Fat Bloke who was hilarious.

What sparked this change?
Well I was bored and curious and so I watched a Beast of Wars video on Kings of War (1st ed I think) and it got me thinking.
It was a dilemma of a thought because the simplicity and speed looked great, on the other hand the melee not fighting back when attacked had me uncertain.
Found a nice Aussie ebay seller and got KoW Cheap and started assembling, and its been a LONG time since I really assembled minis.

Then I caught a video of how they planned to streamline their Sci-fi wargame to play in similar fast and fun way to KoW which got me interested in Warpath, especially Warpath FireFight.
Put in an order with my FLGS for Operation Heracles.

Now I tried watching and reading some reviews on Deadzone but initially found it counter intuitive which put me off - You can trace LoS by spaces but then use Models-eye view for actual LoS. Dust Tactics did LoS so fast and simple that it was a non-issue, but Mantic seemed to be overly complicating something simple.
So with my interest in the Warpath universe I caught up on some Deadzone battle reports, notably by Dreadpathzone who does fun videos.
This blew away my initial opinion and got me hooked, so now I can play 3 levels of the Warpath world - Personal Deadzone, Squad based FireFight, and large scale Warpath proper, all using the same minis.

Also had my eyes opened to Star Saga which sounds amazing and adds another level of gameplay to my worlds.


Last night I had my first trial game of Deadzone with the wife and we both enjoyed it and had fun, then this afternoon I had a game of Firefight with my friend Myles and that was enjoyable too.

Nice and affordable miniatures for great games.
Mantic, you've earned a new fan in me!

Oh, as I quickly reread this entry I realize that I didn't explain why I wished it was Sunday.
Looking to do a trade tomorrow for a Deadzone 1st ed Kickstarter bundle, for my Warhammer Quest collection.
I was iffy about parting with WHQ but honestly its just sat there for decade and we kinda replaced it with Shadows of Brimstone anyway.
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Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:03 pm
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Games I want to buy..... (a shopping list)

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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I'm getting antsy and looking to scratch some particular gaming itches that I have though in some cases I don't know the answer.

I've always wanted a wrestling game, and for me that looks like it will be filled by WWE Superstar Showdown.
I've looked at a few different games and this looks like it actually captures that energy, pity they don't have oldschool WWF wrestlers.

Love this game, hell I got both base games painted in less than a week in time for our games night!
Looking to add the Frontier Town Expansion as that will really add to my game, then I'm not entirely certain which way to go from there.
Still lots of playability in the boxes I currently have.


Ok, this is where I am a bit lost.
I used to get this fix from Space Marine, Warhammer Epic 40,000 but sold off those a while ago.

There are a couple games I am considering for this spot.
Star Wars: Armada - I did enjoy Battlefleet Gothic and the theme of Xwing but not the game itself, so I like the idea of capitalships and snub fighters.
Cost is a bit prohibitive and the starter is lacking in initial gameplay.

Dropzone CommanderDropzone Commander 2 Player Starter Set - This I hear will scratch that Epic Warhammer itch, though I know little about it. Some nice models and a good starter set.

Halo: Ground Command - This looks cool but I know even less about it, and not familiar with the company.

Any recommendations?
I also hear that GW 'might' be doing something along the lines of Adeptus Titanicus rerelease like they did with Warhammer quest silver tower, but that is just heresay.
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Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:05 am
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12 Months since my last entry.

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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Summing up the year of 2016.... getting better.

I got into and started DM'ing D&D5e and after a great session I lost the key to my games shed. It literally fell off my keyring somehow.
That killed alot of the momentum for me, and so I dived headlong into World of Warcraft: Legion again.
It was fun, and the mythic raiding was cool but it just wasn't tabletop!
About 6 months later I pay to change the lock and get my games room back, pleasantly surprised that the room was pretty tidy from our last session.
Coincidently as I got my games room back, my love for WoW declined massively

So what have I been up to?

Warmachine Prime Mk III / Hordes Primal Mk III
Been playing this very regularly with the Wifey, she loves my Menoth and High Exemplar Kreoss so has commandeered that force while I have been bouncing between Circle Orboros and Khador.
The Butcher is my new BFF and fave Warcaster, though I do love what they did with High Executioner Servath Reznik.

I also got The Undercity: An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game as a diversion in the realms of the Iron Kingdoms and for generic minis to use in the RPG Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game.
Still, I've had my stint at DM'ing for Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) and now one of the players will take over so I can get to play - Drow Pimp here I come!

We recently had a boardgaming night with Zombie Survival as the theme.
First we played 3 games of Zombicide and finished up with a session of Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game.
Unfortunately for us, we survived neither games.

I was planning to do a Retro Games Workshop night, where we would crank out Talisman (third edition): Dragon's Tower followed by some classic Dungeoncrawling with Warhammer Quest but something interesting happened.
On the local sales page of FB someone was selling both Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients and Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death ridiculously cheap, cheaper than one of the boxes by itself.
So this inspired me to look up some videos and I found Inside the Box's review awesome (plus I love their diss of Myth, the shitty game that it is) and it sold me on it - unfortunately someone had jumped on that deal way ahead of me.
Unphased I just bought both Base games starting 6 days ago and have already painted all of the figures!

Mind you my painting isn't anything fantastic, I do use techniques but top it all off with a dip of Army Painter Quick Shade - and the figures look nice in addition to being varnished.
All that's left to do is paint the City of Ancients monsters with Antishine varnish and viola all done in a week, ready for our game on Saturday night.
I had a play test with the wife and loved it, so much so that it inspired me to get it all painted up and looking good.

Look out 2017, I intend to play the crap out of you!
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Thu Dec 8, 2016 2:44 pm
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Crossing into 2016, looking foward to a new year of gaming.

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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I have seriously missed gaming, and was made well aware of that by thoroughly enjoying a game of Warmachine High Command with the wife recently.

Gaming has been a big part of my life and one of my favourite hobbies alongside music and martial arts.
Due to depression I've neglected all three areas.

I've organised a game night with a couple of friends for the first day of the new year.
(Sure would have loved to have done it New Years Eve since fireworks are a major pain with traffic, and would be a fun way to ring in the new year except its my Wife's Birthday - we might get another game of High Command in though )

I've neglected my games for far too long, World of Warcraft has been keeping my attention but I do miss table top gaming and hope to re-instill that fire back into our group.
I set a simple new years resolution to eat healthier, cook better, and game more.

Heres to hoping it will be a successful night!
Happy New Year everyone.

X-Wing: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
Rebel vs Empire skirmish, 2 on 1.
Split the Empire navy force into two, so I can play as my beloved Empire.
The only other things I want for this game are a B-Wing, TIE Bomber and TIE Defender.
I am tempted greatly by the scale of Armada, as I love that size of ship battles, if only money weren't tight.

Super Dungeon Explore: Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King
3 Hero Arcade Mode.

Maybe some Devastation of Indines. BattleCON: Devastation of Indines
I really enjoy this game, though I haven't played it much.

BSG Battlestar Galactica
This was always a fun game, though I've totally forgotten the rules, its been that long.

A.T Anima Tactics
One of my favourite miniatures games ever.
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Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:27 am
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Games I want to play.

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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I hardly ever get to game these days, especially with the crazy Australian Summer, so here is a simple list of games that I've suddenly had the urge to play.

StarCraft TBG
This is a game I bought immediately when it was released, having owned and played the Warcraft board game I had good reason to expect much from this game.
What I didn't expect was the complexity jump, you see I am a gamer so complex rules don't phase me as such but my father and wife being two of the regular people I game with will find the learning curve notably steeper than Warcraft TBG.
I love this game, especially with the Brood War expansion, and think its pretty perfect as is once you get your head around the rules.
I wish I could get this on the table regularly.

Level 7 [Omega Protocol]
"And to think.... I hesitated..."
This game is brilliant, sure I was a little dubious mostly because money is tight and my spending habit curbed, but the wife allowed me to get this for my Xmas present and boy is it a good one.
I think this is a game I could con my old man into playing the Overseer so my wife and I could play co-op.
She really doesn't enjoy competitive gaming against me.

Pokemon crossed with Cthulhu, yes please!
I was looking for a simple system to do Pocket Monster battles where you could create your own monster or trio of monsters and duel it out.
My wife and my mother-in-law are really into WoW's Pet Battles so much so that I think its the only reason they are still playing WoW at all.
So I figured a simple game could be fun, just scratch out the Roleplay and keep the pet battling.
And I didn't just want to play the Pokemon TCG, though my Gengar deck is pretty sweet and I've FINALLY gotten a Gengar or three to use.
I did look at the rules for the Pokemon roleplaying game that looks very involved, in fact its too involved I just couldn't make a foothold in the rules.
That and admitted I'm not a fan of 3.0-3.5 D&D, I'm old school 2nd Ed AD&D and preferred the freedom of imagination and improvisation to accomplish things instead of being told "no, you don't have the feat so you can't do that"
Biggest pet peeve about D&D 3.0-3.5.

Anyway I am going to try to organise a pair of three monster teams with my wife and play out some Pocket Monster battling, I might remove the Cthullhu rules and replace them with something simpler like Paper, Rock, Scissors, maybe Paper rock scissors lizard spock?

urk its getting hot already and its not even 9AM... damn Australian Summers, I'll add some more later.
Alrighty, continued.

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
I was initially disappointed with this product as probably were many others, but I've stuck with it through the changes and like where its all heading - once the 'rolled for' missions are balanced out this should be a great system.
I never really got around to playing a proper game as such, mostly solo learning games though one game against the wife but not with the revised and updated rules which would have balanced the game much better.
The miniatures are pretty nice despite annoying mold lines, but SMV miniatures should release their bases and clip-on base tokens for general use, they are that nice.

Galaxy Defenders
So itching to get this game already, out of all the kickstarters I've backed this is the only one I'm really keen to get and really play the living crap out of.
Plus Ares games have hinted at a Mass Effect style future with the fight being taken off earth and into outer space completely excites me about this game.
I can't wait to get the Railgun for my Agent Iridium, BOOM HEADSHOT!
Addresses have been clarified, so hopefully shipping happens in the next couple of days, expecting delivery mid Feb.
Btw I'm not sure where my copy will be coming from, US or EU for Australian destination.

Bought the book which is just beautifully done, and was a cheap bargain too.
Been short on cash of late and so I scratch built my own teams of CCC, KemVar, and Keizai Waza using Halo Actionclix figures I had laying around.
It was a fun development in creativity, trying to match the original figure with scratchbuilt pieces for ease of recognition - felt rather rewarding too.

Not too sure how I feel about a near future Kickstarter for MERCS 2.0, sure the deals will be awesome but I'm trying so hard to be good and avoid dropping big dollars on new projects just to get a good deal.

Dropping the big bucks to get X number of extra figures plus exclusives and a long wait hmm.
Well my 2 cents are this:
Companies like Mantic that pretty much have everything all ready to go are pushing their luck by using Kickstarter as a pre-order system, mind you I'm not a fan of Mantic in general - they escape GW's clutch to simply copy their old style under a new name... c'mon Orx??
They should really do something that isn't GW derivative because I really hate GW figures with their odd scale and proportions and especially their disproportioned price tags.

I really don't want to back any more Kickstarters, the wait really kills the boner for all the goodies you hype for the duration of the Kickstarter pledge period.
So true of Relic Knights, please excuse the pun (I loved Relic Knights from the get-go because of the unique gameplay and anime style, not because of bewbs. There are enough man-feminists out there who cry "subjugation and exploitation!" of females because of scantily attires.
Many of the females I know I life find the figures either humorous or plain cute.)
Another pet peeve, men who think of themselves and bigger feminists than actual women.
If a scantily dressed figure makes you feel the need to march your protest then lock yourself in your house because far more despicable things happen day to day, looking at recent events of drunken fights started by some MMA practitioner because someone looked at him wrong when he was drunk leading to one punch deaths is pretty sickening.
As an old school martial artist I believe that the physical training and mental discipline are what counts, not the skill to fight but the reasons not to use those skills to fight - its a philosophy that MMA lacks in my limited belief of becoming a 'complete' fighter.

Back on topic, Kickstarters raise massive hype for all the goodies you get as bonus compared to stock game release and sure you do get good deals, but be prepared to wait.
I think I was the biggest fan of Relic Knights, and now I'm just regretting dropping $700+ on it, only the SDE exclusives have my eagerness.
In that regard I'm hoping futilely that MERCS doesn't do a kickstarter for their new edition, mostly because I won't be able to back it.
Promising my wife never to go that route again is one I intend to keep.

TL;DR In short I want to buy less and play more, Ameritrash all the way!
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Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:47 am
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Works on custom projects: Looking back and then forward

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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I don't know what it is about me that has this need or lack of satisfaction with games which ends up driving me to create stuff.
Some are straight forward like the World of Warcraft miniatures game that died before its PvE potential could really have been tapped, while others are found wanting in some bizarre way I see them and tweaked.
For Gears of War I thought it was a perfect basis for Mass Effect as it captures that cover-centric style of shooter, and my version works though still needs tweaking and expanding.

I've been working on my own custom board game for a while now, but only recently have I actually gotten anywhere.

Thanks to an individual called Malpertius he was able to circumvent my natural lack of skill when it came to graphics programs like GIMP and let me get creative - something of which in the past I had to rely on others.
Take the Arathi Basin Map I did with Rudi Chelli, I planned out the layout in that heroscape map maker and took the in-game screenies of the locations but it was he who put it together and made it look awesome.
It's still pretty cool to zoom in on those areas like the lumber mill/gold mine etc and if you look closely you will see my druid stealthed in cat form as I took the screenies

Anyways, I have developed some skills with GIMP finally, took a while - we never learnt this stuff in school, just Pascal and C++ but that was quite a while ago for me.

So my board game I'm working on is a culmination of a lot of games that I love plus one key concept - I want to play, and I don't want to be the DM.
So I looked at games like Castle Ravenloft, Gears of War, Goalsystem Delves, Galaxy Defenders, Kingdom Death: Monster, plus role-playing games notably AD&D 2nd Ed, 3.5 and 4E, and then finally computer games like Champions of Norath, Diablo 1-3, World of Warcraft and Dragon's Dogma.

Had a couple of play tests with the wife and its working out so far.
Who knows what the future could bring, but honestly, I just want to be able to get together with my friends and play, questing together.
And so my mission statement for my game is: "To create a GM-less MMO style Co-op fantasy adventure game that has room for improving characters, getting better items, and a fun A.I system.

Still tweaking this, but I'm pretty chuffed seeing as before the extent of my GIMPshopping abilities were cutting and pasting a characters head on a friends body - very talentless, though surprisingly accurate

And oh, this was the pic I mentioned as my very first attempt and photoshopping.

"His name is Jaws..... He kills people."


I have made a RIDICULOUS amount of progress, must be something to do with my new meds because my creativity has skyrocketed, In one week I accomplished what I wanted and tried to over 4 months wow

Getting to playtesting soon but I sorted out the campaign system, the quest system, the consequences of not doing certain quests system.
I made this for myself as a little treat, its hell premature, but its just a pretty way for me to organise my in-town game effects.
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Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:13 am
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[Mature and Explicit Content Warning] Reminiscence - F'ed Up Roleplays

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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This is me getting all dreamy eyed and reminiscing upon some fond gaming memories from back in the long before I got married and tamed.
Needless to say these were times when I really got to hang out with 'The Boys' - that particular group of gamers who shaped the future of our gaming with their unorthodox and surprising ways.

ANYONE EASILY OFFENDED PLEASE REFRAIN FROM READING FURTHER BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY WILL GET OFFENDED - This is not my intention to offend, just to share a laugh of toilet humour.
You have been warned.

Man, where to begin.... back in the day some 15-20 years ago Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd ED was our staple game in our still behind the times state of Western Australia.
Games such as Rolemaster or TORG were like Bigfoot or Santa, you heard of them but never actually got to see them around, just a quick snap shot in Dragon Magazine.

Roleplaying back then was magical for me, it was like taking the books I was so fond of notably Pool of Radiance and The DragonLance Chronicles and BEING a part of them, no not just being a part, actually Starring in them!
I was 14 when I got my first Players Handbook and I loved it, especially the artwork by Elmore and Easley - that second page 'Dragon Slayers' really evoked a mystical world and still leaves tingles of the magic even now as I look upon it.

A year or more after graduating High School I met up with a friend named Adrian Vudjick by auditioning to his band as a lead guitarist and got the part, our influences were similar and styles compatible so it worked.
Through Adrian (Let it be known whenever I mention an Adrian in roleplay or in life in general, this is THE Adrian - sometimes anointed as Seedy-Adrian) I met up with some of his friends when we all got together to play AD&D.
Some of the dodgiest dudes ever lol... for example they went and saw Fight Club at the movies and afterwards were all amped up and had a little scuffle in the carpark outside the cinema which ended up with Blake getting his arm broken
Sure you may think that is tame, well then there was the time Brett and the boys were all gathering to go to a party and he offered to let them piss on him for $100.... I wasn't there, so I'm not sure he meant $100 each or total - Zarb only wanted to do it so he could go to the party later and tell everyone about it.
Weird stoner band dudes.... that was us, except I was always pretty tame.

Some of the things they came up with during role play still leaves me in stitches to this day, and I cannot help but smile and shake my head at the memories.

In no particular order of relevance here goes:

I did an original (meaning I wrote the adventure myself, not the concept) quest line about war between a Dark elf city and a Good Aligned City.
This was the second adventure in what became a trilogy.
Here the players were to infiltrate and investigate what was happening in the Dark Elf City and to do so they had to planescape through what I called The Realm of the Dead God (Shameless theft of Moander)
So they take a magic portal to the Realm of the Dead God which incidentally's landscape is the dead gods body.

So in awe they survey the land realising the magnitude of where they stand when one of them says "Lets bring him back to life! Maybe he will reward us!" which was met in reply from one of the others saying "This is the God of Decay, he will probably reward us by decaying us into lifeless husks to fuel his own power"
Then someone else says "Lets jerk him off, we'll form a ring around his cock, link hands and jump up and down!"

I mean what do you say to that!? LOL


Before infiltrating the Dark Elf City they were giving a teleport amulet entrusted to Adrian that would transport the wearer and all in contact with him back to their good city, but because the party was made of so many different alignments they really roleplayed out the differences causing much friction and factioning of the group.
So knowing that everyone was scheming to get their hands on the amulet, Adrian played possum by feigning death when wounded during a battle and slips me a piece of paper.
I REALLY wish I could scan that piece of paper for you to see, I was going to frame it but lost it.
It read:
"While the battle rages on I hide the amulet up my ass"

Again, what do you say to that

Later on during the following session he addressed the party and the various splits in the cohesion and said that he and those closely allied to him could stealth their way out of the city, so that he had no need of the amulet and proceeded to extract the amulet right then and there.
The only involvement I had with this seediness was the numerous Dex checks I forced on the players to try to grasp hold of the amulet... which was failed many times in succession.

Yup, somewhere somehow we incorporated Penis size as a key character stat.
There are a few instances where I remember it came into effect.

The Holyman and his holiness.
Adrian was playing a black guy and my friend Anthony was playing a Cleric.
For some reason or another they all demanded to roll penis size with the Cleric rolling the highest by a large margin, that sent Adrian off into a hilarious rant.
"OMG what the hell, I'm going to be standing next to you, pissing under a tree and then I'm going to look over and see that thing and know that it's going completely to waste. Anyone know a penis-transplant spell cos I'll have it, its white but its big!"

Bow Chika Wow Wow
This was during the conclusion of the Dark Elf Crisis Trilogy, right before the main battle.
Zarb who was playing a seedy dark dwarf named Bizou and Clint (The seediest dude ever, seriously never accept an email from him!) who was playng a sultry half elf female decided to have sex in the middle of the woods just outside the city.
Oh my... I remember they were pretty graphic about it too....
The Penis size roll gets called into effect by the players (I was pretty much just watching the event unfold - it was a great thing about those old sessions, these guys would keep the story going even without my aid)
which resulted in the Half elf saying that Zarb was a short stumpy dwarf and how he didn't satisfy her and proceeded to yawn.
SUDDENLY, Blake who had been sitting there for most of the roleplay all stoic and reserved pipes in with "I RAM MY COCK IN HER MOUTH! Dex check?"
He was beaming about how he rolled a critical success.
Clint not amused simply stated "Well, I do this" and performs an exaggerated biting motion.
Some dice were rolled.... I decided to be fair and grant Clint's characters bite 1d4 and Blakes 'health' at 1d6 Hitpoints.
Clint rolls first.... a 4!
Blake rolls next..... a 1.....

Suddenly EVERYONE in the room(except Blake) just roars with laughter and Clint turns to me and says "And as the climax, PTOOHEY!"

Blake gets angry and tells me he wants to cut Clint's character down, but I tell him he's bleeding to death... so he picks up his 'belonging' and runs back to the city into the temple to get it healed.
He looks at me, after threatening to make his friends walk home after the roleplay, and says "They didn't put it on upside did they" Nope, all was fixed.
The then states "I climb up the nearest tower next to the gates and wait....." and just disappeared from the game while other more integral elements were occurring with the other players.

An hour or two real time later, Clint says he's going to head back to the city when Blake chimes in "... though the City Gates! Ok, two arrows..."
And proceeds to kill Clint's character off.

It was roleplay on Autopilot, these guys would take the reins and progress those little insignificant tidbits between crucial quest moments and fill them with characterful story, sure it was pretty dodgy story but it was so much fun.

There are even more moments but those are the first off the top of my head, I need to get off the computer and do some things but thank you for letting me share this humorous and wacky, even seedy memories of my old roleplaying days.
And hopefully you will not have been offended.

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Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:52 am
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Kickstarters - Where are they now?

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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So I quit my job somewhat recklessly months ago, sure I could have done things much smarter but there's no use crying over spilt milk - what's done is done.
Things didn't pan out as I planned, regardless I probably would end up being fired if things continued to devolve at this rate.

Depression, or techincally my dysthymic personality disorder has been running havok with my mind and apparently I have Borderline Personality Disorder but waiting on a proper diagnosis.
The wife's operation has been postponed for even more months and things are rough.

The short story is that I am looking into other games to find that sense of satisfaction and fun, and anxiously awaiting my previously backed Kickstarters to arrive.

This is probably the most eagerly anticipated of my Kickstarters.
Certainly by comparison to the others the figures aren't as nice being parody/homage of the 80's action movies but its the gameplay that really caught my attention for this.

Co-op campaign play with advancement! I am playing the Sniper, no exceptions! My love for the infiltrator with sniper rifle in Mass Effect series just won't let me even consider another character.... although the Predator mmmm.

This pays out soon, the company has received and quality checked their first box recently and passed with flying colours.
So its all a case of cargo shipping the container and then distribution - my hopes are that it will be soon!

It also has the Galaxy Ball rules - something I'm not overly into but its like extra icing on the cake or in this case, a different cake all together.
The main gameplay is the key here, but Galaxy Ball just gives that extra oomph.

Co-Op Game play not requiring a GM - Sheer Awesome!
Campaign improvements to characters - great!
Optional gameplay styles - Pretty damn cool.
Miniatures not as nice as others - Doesn't matter, still nice enough!

Excitement level - Very High.

Eh... while I am still pretty keen on this, the delay announced a month before predicted delivery really killed my boner for this one.
If anything it is the Turn sequence which makes this game great - it really creates cinematic action.

So a 6 month delay till November with probably a couple more months to go... they proofed some of the figure rends, but yea they were supposed to have finished all that sometime last month.

Anime style game and miniatures - awesome!
Great card driven turn sequence - Sheer awesomeness!
LOTS of Kickstarter bonuses - Probably the only reason I still think about it.

Excitement level - Eager but tentatively braced for more delay disappointment.

Eh... this one was around the same time as Galaxy Defenders, in fact I ended up shifting a chunk of my backing for Robotech to GD as they got even sweeter deals with the whole collection thingy.
I personally regretted backing this for a while thinking that I got sucked in by nostalgia, but now that I have been enjoying Gundam 00 and wanting some mecha action I think Robotech is getting more interesting for me.

Not a fan of Palladium Games, too convoluted with their systems and the miniatures game seems similarly minded.
Though after playing Warmachine / Hordes I don't mind games with lots of tracking though Privateer Press really nailed their game right on the money.
Oh, and their release of Con-Exclusive Max Stirling felt like a slap in the face.

Palladium didn't even do a contest for a Kickstarter Giveaway and refused my request for a refund when I wasn't happy with things - Tight Asses, says where their priorities are.
Oh well, I guess I am glad to still have my pledge to come.

Stated for delivery around Feb / March I think?

Its Robotech! - Eh... pretty cool but somewhat hesitant.
Its Palladium - Kill it with fire.
Mecha action - This interests me mmm though I'd really want a co-op of Veritechs vs Zentradi.

Excitement level - Pretty Keen.


Delayed till 2nd Quarter 2014....
Very interested in this one, particularly the game play.
Hopefully the lack of open playtesting won't neuter its potential.

Love the dark atmosphere - very cool
Boobies boobies!? - worth it for the over reactions of people crying sexism. Personally I see nothing wrong, though nothing practical either.
It's part of the adult atmosphere being Dark and Sensual with phallic monsters ala H.R Giger - I can accept that and am not offended.
Honestly if people are offended so easily maybe they shouldn't leave their houses because, according to Today Tonight, more elderly people were attacked in a home invasion and an electrician set up a video camera in the bathroom of the house he rented out filming the females he rented it to.
Seriously, there are more real life issues to concern yourself with than hilariously wildly proportioned miniatures.

Co-op Gameplay - YES YES YES! No GM'ing for me!
Campaign play - Awesome, like the concept of how advancement works.

Excitement level - Keen but not chomping at the bit, I always knew this one would take a while.

That aside, I would like to get my hands on Level 7: Omega Protocol, sounds very promising indeed and might make my playing the Overlord / mind / whatever it was called... Overseer! - ahem, make my playing the Overseer a joy and not a chore.
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Tue Dec 3, 2013 1:50 am
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An enjoyable and tense game on a rainy Sunday.

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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So I haven't been getting as much gaming in this month as I would have liked, well doesn't feel like I got as much gaming - mostly it has been High Command, my wife enjoys this game and it is fun but really I want to get better at Warma/Hordes.

This has been the most memorable moment in gaming for me this Month - Today I caught up with my friend Myles after he finished his shift and we had a rematch of our 25 Point battle we had a few weeks back.

pVlad the Dark Prince +5
Juggernaught 7
Destroyer 9
Wardog 1

Max Winterguard Infantry with UA 8
Kovnik Joe 2
Winterguard mortar team 3

High Executioner Reznik +6
Scourge of Heresy 9

Vessel of Judgement 9
Vassal Mechanik 2
Max Exemplar Bastions 8
Bastion Seneschal 3

My build is kinda bizarre, I really like Reznik and wanted to make him work so I considered a few things.
- He is a beast but needs medium based figures to shield him
- He can't run too many jacks and does nothing for the survival of infantry = so anything he takes has to be self sufficient.

So one of the best things for him I think is the Avatar of Menoth which was in my original list but opted out for some ranged threat with the VoJ.


It was a pretty brutal game with plenty of mistakes on both sides - my Bastions were killed off pretty quickly (mostly due to a poorly positioned Wrack who exploded from a lucky blast from the Mortar Crew) but he lost the majority of the Winterguard shortly after.

On his second turn he forgot to activate his jacks to move them up, we were both too focused on what the winterguard were doing.
I forgot to feat on a turn which would have benefited, and also forgot a couple of instances when I could have used the VoJ's Doors of Judgement to let a dying figure get a free advance and attack before being RFP.
Though I did remember it once to allow one Bastion to kill off Kovnik Joe - still, one out of three opportunities taken means another note in my 'Remember to do' list.

Towards the end Reznik was sitting pretty behind a wall and was untouchable for a long time, my VoJ scored a nice hit on the Destroyer to score extra damage which fried the wardog - Vlad spent the entire game pretty much toed into a forest and supporting his army with Signs and Portents.

The game eventually ended with Reznik being shot after he finished off the Juggernaught, again the game ended with a highly possible chance of victory just waiting next turn!

That is what I have enjoyed about this game so much, pretty much every game I have played has really come down to the wire - if he didn't get me then, I would have easily had him next turn.

My Scourge of Heresy would have taken a free strike as I stepped back from a winterguard as they both were blocking the line to Vlad, the free strike wouldn't have done much and with its two weapons Scourge would have easily squashed him in return - then with a clear line to Vlad, Reznik would have popped Engine of Destruction and charged with 12 inches of threat due to reach to carve Vlad apart with 5 focus to spend! (6 base focus, +1 from a Wrack, then 2 for EoD)

Soooooo close!


We're hoping to make a start on Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying soon, hopefully next weekend, also my games room is emptying out nicely - you can actually move around the 8x4 table now!

I need to get over my social anxiety and get out and play some games in the Warma/Hordes community.
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Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:32 am
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