An earnest idiot plays.....

Blog to discuss games that I play at my local games club. I mostly enjoy medium to heavy euros and various style of train games (cube rails, 18XX etc) and i'm an idiot who isn't very good at playing games...

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An earnest idiot plays....Part #001 an Introduction

Mr Parka
Ellesmere Port
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In my attempt to think a little more deeply about the games that I play and other games played at the games club I attend (Centurions games club - come join us I decided to try and write a weekly blog.

Before finding this club my gaming opportunities was severely limited. A wife who wasn’t interested, two young children who also were not interested and friends who (can you guess) were not interested. I went with extreme nervous trepidation roughly four years ago and since then I’ve racked up nearly 1500 plays entered on Board Game Stats (easily the best app for logging plays). It was easily the best thing that I have done in the board gaming hobby.

I was able to play my games which had previously been gathering dust but more importantly I was introduced to games that I had no idea existed. My collection of games is vastly different now then what it was four years ago due to this introduction to these incredibly games.

The games club I attend meet twice a week in Chester and Ellesmere Port and play light through to heavy euros. If you are ever in the area you are all welcome to come join us. This is the link to our FB page, which is pretty active.

On this blog I’m going to detail what games I played, what I think, dislikes, likes etc and what other games get played. Hoping this will also serve as a little advertisement for our small games group and hopefully encourage you to come along and join us.
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Sat Nov 20, 2021 2:23 pm
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