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Welcome to GEEK Digital Board Games

Brad Cummings
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The last time I posted on this blog was September 26th, 2018. Due to a toxic work environment that spun into, frankly, mental illness, I took an extended hiatus. Dave did an amazing job of carrying on and really keeping this alive. Luckily, I’ve managed to switch jobs and am in a much better head space. I am ready to get started again!

Pre-Covid I started work on a video format to take over, but it was not quite hitting the mark and was difficult to produce with kids constantly at home…

With all that in mind, I am ready to kick off a new format - Welcome to GEEK Digital Board Games.

From gallery of thequietpunk

The plan is to start covering digital board games here again with the following updates:
- The main content will be an every other week newsletter style blog post that covers the latest news and a variety of other categories.
- We won’t often be breaking news as we will stick to the two week cadence. However, we will be using the BGG and iOS Board Games Twitters to do intermittent news hits between newsletters.
- It won’t just be iOS anymore! We plan to fully cover all platforms and change names accordingly.
- Our main focus will be digital ports of existing tabletop games. However, we will have a category for news for adjacent items. These will have a clear heading.
- If there is enough interest, I will prepare this as an email newsletter, if you’d like to have the content direct. Head to the BGG Mailchimp form to sign up if interested.

Categories of the Newsletter will include:

The Latest News - Pretty self explanatory, news bits as they come in.
New Releases - Links and listings of newly released titles.
First Looks - Previews of games in betas, etc.
Closer Looks - More images and a few thoughts on recently released titles.
Outside the Box - Anything about games that are adjacent but not based on physical games. Think Krumit’s Tale that was released yesterday.
Lost in Translation - We’ll play a physical game that has been announced for digital and give thoughts on how it may translate to digital.
They Hybrid Model - A look at an app assisted board game.
Digitize Me - We’ll play a physical game that is not announced for digital and talk about why it should come to digital. This is basically a wish category.
Revisiting a Classic - We’ll give thoughts on coming back to an earlier released digital title after a while.
Developer Spotlight - Brief interviews or interactions with some of our favorite digital board game designers.

Not all of these categories will show up each week, but this is our current planned scope. What categories am I missing? What would you like to see?

What about Dave?
Dave is the heart and soul of this blog and it does not exist without him. For now, Dave intends to still stay on hiatus. He will be helping to feed me stories, etc, as he is better connected. As we start up again, we may discuss ways he’d like to jump in more.

I am looking forward to getting back to this part of the BGG community. Again, if you are interested in getting a newsletter sent to your email, sign up on MailChimp and I’ll let you know if we hit a critical mass.

Any questions?
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Fri Aug 28, 2020 2:55 pm
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