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My Dream Game

Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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What ho, chaps and chapesses of BGG

Isn't it weird when one of your subscriptions suddenly activates after years?

I am a subscriber myself to the idea that nothing is more tedious than other people's dreams, but bear with me.

Anyway, I am a very rare dreamer and seldom wake up with anything more than the barest inkling of what happens, quickly replaced by the daily feeling of utter despair that we all face when forced to remove the duvet and head out into the horrors of the real world / the shower.

However, I distinctly remember one thing about my dream last night and that is a bizarre abstract board game brought to... wherever I was in the dream by... whoever was in my dream (I told you I don't remember much).

It was called Formations and looked super complicated. Anyway, my alarm went off and ruined the rules explanation.

The board for said game was a collection of straight pieces of wood with squares on them, I estimate about 15 squares long by 1 square wide. and there were enough to form a square board, but one that could be set up in a variety of deformed ways too.

I don't think we played this game, but the pieces were marked with symbols and made up formations that would move around the board together.

So far, so tash-kalar I suppose, but I have never played Vlaada's abstract opus, so have no idea why such a thing would pop into my head.

Now, the world is full of average and disappointing abstracts, so I thought I would take a couple of hours and try and make some playtestable rules for said silly game.

So I did, and you can try it yourself

Obviously I've not playtested this ever, so you could go down in history as the very first person to play it! But unlike my other design I tried to wrestle with, there's a complete game here. Sure it'll be flawed but you could conceivably play through a whole game of it, so that's an improvement!

So - has anyone reading this ever dreamed of a game that didn't seem to exist or some wacky amalgam like I have come up with here?
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Mon Feb 6, 2017 1:06 pm
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