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Fireteam Zero Designer Diary: Fun at the Dallas Gaming Marathon!

Mike Langlois
United States
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From gallery of MJLanglois

From gallery of MJLanglois

We had a blast at the Dallas Gaming Marathon yesterday! Thanks very much to Troy and Kevin of DGM for inviting us. We met a ton of great gamers and killed a lot of monsters

This is me packing up the prototypes the night before. Not pictured here...the mad scramble in the morning when I realized I forgot to include the mission briefings

From gallery of MJLanglois

This is the time honored tradition of my people called "let me 'splain to you the rules". We enacted this ritual many, many times

From gallery of MJLanglois

Deep into the second sector of the map, with one twist up. Lots of thinking going on here because Rat is out of position and looking at eating 4 monster attacks. He has Hamstring, so he can shut down one of them, but the other three will be fatal. The group ends up killing the one in their midst and positioning Frank close enough to shut down a second one with Suppression Fire. Shad lives with no cards in hand. Close one

From gallery of MJLanglois

Different group and the end of the mission. They stuck together, which was good for survival, but also slowed them down. Notice all four twists were up. This turned out to be VERY punishing. They had all of the objectives and were racing to the exit. Unfortunately, one of the Twists was Entangling, which traps heroes in any space with monsters.

The Coin is down, so if anyone is downed, the game will end. This roll ends up killing the Minion that is pinning down Abe in the center, so the team can advance towards the exit. Unfortunately, two turns later the team ends up getting killed one space from the exit. So very close!

From gallery of MJLanglois

And the obligatory Art Shot

From gallery of MJLanglois

Unfortunately, Murphy was with us yesterday and our camera suffered a critical hit early on. Here's the clip that I did manage to capture. It ends abruptly when the camera goes to the Land of Wind and Ghosts, so be warned

One quick note about the Dallas Gaming Marathon: it happens every month for three full days of fun, so if you're in the area you should definitely check it out. Everyone is friendly, super-enthusiastic about board gaming, and they have a games library that covers an entire wall

Check them out!
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Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:41 pm
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