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Every week I get two or three emails asking questions about the blog. Since many of these emails are similar, I thought it was probably time to write a FAQ to explain how the blog works and to try and answer my the most common questions.

Sorry if this reads like legalese. I was trying to be thorough but it came out longer than I expected and probably a little boring. If this is your first time reading the PNP News, I promise it is not normally this dry.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or geekmail me directly. This post will be periodically updated as changes occur. I’ve created a new category called PNP FAQ which is in the sidebar. This will be the only post in that category so it will always be easy to find.

What Print and Play Games Are Covered in the PNP News Blog?
While older Print and Play games are occasionally covered in the PNP Highlights section or the Interviews section, the News section covers only new games or major updates to existing games.

The PNP News Blog also focuses on free games. Games that are not free will not be mentioned without sponsorship. Designers or publishing Pay-for-PNP games can purchase blog sponsorship for US$5.00 to get coverage for their game, including a detailed description, image, and links. Pay-for-PNP games can also sponsor an entire blog post for US$25.00 to get an interview or additional coverage.

I know that many of the readers are already fans of PNP games, but I also try to write the blog for general readers who may be new to PNP games. I’ve made a few rules for what I will cover to hopefully keep it interesting for the general reader and the PNP enthusiast.

To be covered in the news, the game must meet the following conditions:
d10-1 The game must be included in the BGG database. This makes it easier for me to link to the game and images for it. It also benefits you, the designer, since it is easier for players to find the game, discuss it, and include in forum posts and geeklists.
d10-2 The game must have printable components and be fully playable as is (outside of dice, paper money, common tokens, etc). This means that rules with no components (including games by publishers such as Warp Spawn Games) will not be included on the blog until someone designs components for them.
d10-3 The game must be complete. This means that I will not cover Work in Progress (WIP) Threads, contest entries, or games in playtesting until they are completed and released. Players who are interested in those games during the WIP stage can follow the Board Game Design Forum or other design guilds.
d10-4 The files needed to print the game must be on the game’s BGG page, either in the Files Section or the Web Links section (for files hosted on an external server). I have no preference on where the files are hosted, so long as it is easy for players to find them.
d10-5 The game must have an image that can be used in the blog. An image can generate much more interest in a game than text alone and can help players decide whether or not to print a game. If an image is not available for the game, I will create one, either by printing, building, and photographing the game, or by making a composite image from the PDF files.
d10-6 The game should be in the Print and Play Category on BGG. This is typically done when adding a game to BGG. If it isn’t done, I will submit a correction to include it.
d10-7 Finally, I must know about the game. I do everything I can to stay current on PNP news, such as following geeklists, guilds, and subscribing to the PNP Category. However, I’m sure that I miss things occasionally. It never hurts to email me and make sure I’m aware of a game that you’d like to see covered.

What Print and Play Games Are Not Covered in the Blog?
d10-1 Because I am focusing on new games, I do not cover minor corrections to existing games, such as typo corrections, minor updates to components, or rulebook errata. Substantial changes will still be covered.
d10-2 I do not cover translations of games into languages outside of English. I used to, but it was too labor intensive and frankly was not something I was interested in.
d10-3 I do not cover fanmade expansions to games that are not free PNP games. This means that fanmade PNP maps for Ticket to Ride or PNP scenarios for A Touch of Evil will not be included in the blog.
d10-4 I do not cover PNP RPGs. This blog covers only games found on BoardGameGeek.
d10-5 I do not cover fanmade redesigns of existing games. The game must actually be released as PNP to be included in this blog. This means that redesigns of games like Love Letter or the Kwanchai's Neolithic Ops redesign of Nexus Ops will not be included in the blog.

Do I need to do anything special to have my game included in the blog?
Nope! Provided your game meets the qualifications above, I will cover it. There is no requirement to thumb the blog posts or give geekgold tips. -- Although thumbs and tips are always appreciated.

Does the blog cover older PNP games? How can I get coverage for my older PNP game?
I have a section of the blog (PNP Highlights) for looking back at games that players may have missed. These posts tend to be a little more detailed about the game and take longer to write. As such they will be appear more infrequently than the regular news posts.

If you would like your game to be considered for such a post, please geekmail me directly with the request. If I do not already own the game, I will request that you mail me a physical copy of the game. I usually have a backlog of games to write about so there may be a short waiting period. If you would like to sponsor a post on the blog, your game will receive higher priority. Games that are featured in the PNP Highlights section will also be featured in a review on the game's BGG page.

When is the Blog published?
Typically, the News posts are published on Monday or Tuesday and cover all of the news of the previous week (ending Sunday). Interviews, PNP Highlights, and other posts will be released as content is made available.

Does the blog cover new games from sites such as Wargame Downloads or RPG Now?
I am not opposed to covering these games but I do not actively follow their release schedule so I may not know about a new game there until someone posts about it on BGG. Designers are always free to contact me with information about their games on those types of sites.

Can you make PNP recommendations?
The primary purpose of the blog is news and I purposefully avoid writing reviews or recommendations on the blog. I have two reasons for this. First, I think maintaining a neutral tone is important for maintaining a good relationship with the designers and players. Second, since the news is only a week old, I often haven’t had a chance to print, build, and play the games in the post so I can’t offer an opinion on them anyway.

Is the PNP News Blog officially affiliated with BGG?
No, this is my personal blog and is not an official BGG publication.

How does Sponsorship work?
Sponsorship allows a designer to buy coverage on the blog for a game that isn’t free (such as a Kickstarter game or a game on Wargame Downloads). Basically this will amount to paying me a small US$5.00 fee to advertise on the blog. I can discuss the details of cost privately with anyone interested. I've received BGG admin approval to include sponsored contest on this blog.

Sponsored content will always be fully transparent. Sponsored content will be clearly marked as such and include a note about what I received in exchange. Also, outside of a small message to contact me with sponsorship inquiries, I will not actively seek sponsored contest on the blog. If I have no sponsors for a particular week, the blog will simply not have any sponsored content.

Sponsorship Levels Include:
d10-1 Normal coverage in the regular weekly post (similar to what the free games receive). US$5.00
d10-2 A small "banner ad" at the top of the post saying "This week's edition of the PNP News is brought to you by..." with full coverage about the game at the top of the post. $US10.00
d10-3 A special post (such as an interview or a post dedicated only to the game). $US25.00

Can I support the blog?
You can now financially support the blog if you choose. Let me stress that this is entirely voluntary. The PNP News on BGG and it's companion site on Blogger are both free and no contribution will ever be required to read it. The contributions will just help me to post more regularly and fund my printer ink so that I can keep crafting new PNP games to tell you about.

I've set up a Patreon account where you can make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly donations. You can also make a one-time donation directly on PayPal. I am thinking of adding some reward levels in the future (perhaps building you a PNP game at a certain donation level).

Support the PNP News Blog on Patreon
Support the PNP News Blog on Paypal

Do you disclose your involvement with games?
I work on several games as developer, playtester, or proofreader. I also have a few of my own designs in the works. Many of these games are released as PNP titles and will be discussed on the blog. While I try to write about all games with the same level of neutrality, I will always fully disclose any involvement I had with a game with avoid the appearance of impropriety.

What is the PNP News Sister Site?
I recently added a Sister Site to this blog on Blogger. It is a companion site to this BGG blog. I will use the new site to host content that is outside of the normal PNP News such as interviews, PNP construction tips, and game reviews. The actual PNP News with updated about new games, redesigns, and crowdfunded games will stay on BGG. I will provide links to new content on the blogger site when it is posted.
Print and Play News on Blogger

How do I add my PNP game to BGG?
Full instructions for adding your game to BGG can be found in the BGG Wiki. I’ve copied two relevant links below:

Instructions for adding a game to BGG
BGG Guide to Game Submission

Please note when adding a game to BGG that BGG has special rules for PNP Games.
BGG Guide to Game Submissions wrote:
For self-published games and user-designer efforts, a game is ready to be added to the BGG database after the game has undergone play-testing and is available in its final form. If details about the game are still being resolved and the rules are still being changed over the course of the play-testing, the game is not sufficiently finalized for a BGG entry.
When adding your PNP game, make sure you select the Print and Play Category.
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I’ll keep a list of changes to this post here.

Added a new requirement for PNP Highlights. Going forward I am going to ask that designers who wish to have a game highlighted mail me a physical copy of the game.

Added a new requirement for Pay-for-PNP games. These games will no longer be covered for free and will require a $5.00 sponsorship fee to appear in the blog. I also added amounts for other levels of sponsorship. I also added info about supporting the blog and the new Sister Site.

Added a new requirement that the game needs to be actually released as a PNP game. Fanmade redesigns of existing games will not be included.

Thank you for reading!
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