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Three player Pax Pamir

Martí Cabré

Catalonia, Spain
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We missed the fourth player to end our Fire in the Lake campaign so we decided to try Pax Pamir instead. This was our first game.

After drawing the support cards, Joan declared for the British while Xavi and Martí for the Russians. Of course, we had a row of 20 or so cards with only Afghan patriots. LOL.

Joan and Xavi trying hard to remember all the card actions.

Xavi and Martí teamed to beef up the Russian bear and soon it had preeminence in Afghanistan, waiting for the topple to appear. Joan tried to push the British presence but Xavi had a good time using his military card to destroy the British trade routes keeping their heads down. Meanwhile Martí built up a net of Afghan tribes that allowed him to play many more cards in his tableau.

Buying the topple.

When the first topple appeared Xavi did not have enough rupees to buy it and Martí used the opportunity to buy a gift for the Russians and buy the topple, winning the game. The Russians had overran the British in Afghanistan and Martí had 2 Russian influence points for 1 from Xavi. No player had been able to buy any patriot nor to place spies in colored cards to win more influence.

After the game, the lessons learned.

We enjoyed the game but it's clear we need to learn more of its strategies. It seemed that with two players teaming with the Russians the British side was lost from the start. And the British really never had any advantage in none of the four regimes. So we need to learn how a side that has this disadvantage can win the game.

And with the Russians in the lead and no patriot card whatsoever to win more influence, having more rupees allowed for an earlier buy of the topple card with nothing the other players could do to avoid it. So we also need to learn what can be done to stop a player from winning in this situation.

The best part, the card descriptions.
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Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:19 pm
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