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Android News Bits: Catan Coming Soon, Carcassone Screenshots, Jenga Released, Words with Friends update, Hardware Releases

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• Catan for Android Coming in June?
• Carcassone Screenshots
• Jenga Released
• Words with Friends Update 3.51 June 13
• Hardware News

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• Catan for Android Coming June ??? reports on June 9th that the Android version of Catan is to be released "in June". Catan for Android is being developed by Exozet Games and distributed by USM, who both were involved with the iOS version of Catan. The Seafarers Expansion will be offered as in-app purchasable content, or as a higher priced bundle, depending on which app store it is purchased from, since Android permits 3rd party app stores. Features include up to 4 player hotseat multiplayer and updated graphics and user interface from the iOS version.

The Cities and Knights expansion and online multiplayer is currently under development.

• More from Exozet Games - Carcassone screenshots
Back in March, Exozet Games announced that it was taking applications for people to beta test the Android version of their Carcassone app. On May 30th, they posted 7 screenshots giving their followers on Twitter a sneak peek.

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• Jenga Released May 20
On May 20th, Natural Motion Games released Jenga to the Android App Store. Jenga offers players three play modes: Classic mode which is a solo challenge recreating the block stacking tenseness of the physical game. Pass and Play offers hot seat multiplayer for up to 4 players. Arcade mode allows the player to earn coins for tricky moves, and bonus points for putting the same colors together at the top of the stack. Arcade mode has various power-ups to spend the earned coins on to change block colors, add more time, or other boosts to modify the game.

Jenga $2.99 in App Market
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• Words with Friends update to version 3.51 June 13
The Android version of Words with Friends continues to be behind the iOS version when it comes to features and fixes. This update, however, continues to squash bugs and adding a shuffle tiles button, improves memory consumption, and improves the updates to the list of game statuses. Also mentioned is the developer's appreciation for those who give feedback of problems and mention of an upcoming version supporting Honeycomb tablets.

Words with Friends Free in App Market
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• Hardware News
There are many manufacturers, carriers and models of Android phones and tablets. Too many to detail every release here, and that would probably be better served by dedicated Android news sites. However, just as when the iPad was released, it caused discussion on the 'Geek of how that form factor would influence or be used in board gaming, we will highlight hardware that has possible uses for our users here.

That being said, since the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, several companies are trying to bring out their tablet offerings. Here is a quick rundown of some highlights:

Samsung is offering 3 sizes, one that is 10.1 inches similar in size to the iPad.

Coming soon is Toshiba's 10.1 inch tablet

HTC is offering a smaller 7 inch tablet
WIFI only

Viewsonic tablet
Viewsonic announced a smaller tablet that hits a price point below $300. While not as powerful as the other tablets, and running an older version of Android, it may be interesting to see what happens if these are more affordable.
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Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:09 pm
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