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I am a full-time designer/artist/self-publisher and I am available for freelance work. I go to cons as a trader and help run the all-day Friday playtest sessions in London. I left my last 'real' job in 2014. I was getting benefits for a few years. I'm currently writing sporadically, but getting back into the habit of daily posts. If you have any questions/topics you'd like me to address, send me a geekmail and I'll probably address the topic within a week.

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Things I am backing on KS and why.

Bez Shahriari
United Kingdom
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All these things are recommended. In the name of openness I'll try to explain my biases and how much I'm actually backing the games for. I'd love to be getting all these games but finances are of course a limitation. ;-)

A Rather Difficult Choice

I'm biased because the creator is the events manager for Draughts, a boardgame cafe in London, and has facilitated plenty of public playtests. I've tried this game a few times and it's seriously fun.

A gamification of 'Would you rather...', the strange situations described are designed to elicit conversation. The game itself works fine but the appeal of something like this is in the content. When you're exploring the hypothetical ramifications of only being able to ever travel at 1mph with your group, you will be pondering things that you've probably never pondered before.

Russ has a great imagination and the scenarios are all super-weird and evocative, as they should be.

I backed for a buck to show support. I doubt it'll fund this time around but I hope that Russ comes back with some reviews and finds the audience for this game.

Wreck And Ruin

I'm biased because I met Mark when he was first starting to design this game and asked me for advice at a talk I was doing with Richard Denning (Medusa Games, UKGE director), Jenny Harman (Yay Games) and probably some other folk. I saw the game evolve over the following year and playtested it a few times in Glasgow, when we met up for some all-day 2p playtesting. I have seen Mark at a few events and enjoy spending time together. Mark is insanely determined and I am happy that - after 2 unsuccessful attempts - Mark is managing to fund the game.

The main difference (other than a bit of graphic design work for the page) is that Mark has continued to show the game at conventions. For this to translate into backers of a big-box game shows the quality of the experience.

It's all about driving your vehicles around a map, ramming each other, and controlling certain locations long enough to grab the tech. You also get special events and super abilities that add a fair amount of spice and variability.

I don't like this sort of thing usually, but I found it far more enjoyable than it had any right to be.

I backed for £1, to show support. I don't think I'll ever have time to pain the minis and am not sure how often I'd really get to play. But if you enjoy games of high interaction, confrontation and a bit of high-octane dice-chucking, I recommend it heartily.

Art Deck

I'm biased because I read about this thing in Tabletop Gaming Magazine and developed familiarity which breeds love (despite the old adage). Also, Holly was on the podcast where Matt Jarvis and Alex Sonechkina said nice things about my stuff at UKGE, so I have nice associations.

You get cards that tell you to draw things in a particular way. One instruction and 2 modifiers. E.g. "Draw circles" "over and over" "without taking your marker off the page". Everyone gets involved in creating some art. Eventually someone claims the page as 'theirs'. At the end, you have all had good times. There is a vague nod towards a winner, but that's not the point.

I thought that this would be a fun game to play with all sorts of folk that I have over at the house. It seems to be doing something completely different and I respect that.

I backed for the game+expansions.

The Board Game Book

I'm biased because Owen Duffy invited me to talk at a convention in September. Also, we met at UKGE, Owen said nice things, and I invited Owen onto an episode of my show earlier this week. (The episode was aired Tuesday/Thursday and will be available to download within a week.)

This KS is for an annual for boardgames. A book that interviews folk and celebrates everything that has emerged over the past year in the world of boardgaming.

The photography looks lovely and the writers all have plenty of experience and proven skills.

I backed for £1 because I want this to succeed. I think that this will be a great thing. At the moment, I need to be careful with spending but I expect to pick up a copy after release.

Edible Games Cookbook

I am biased because... I specially like food. And games.

Jenn makes 'edible games'. Often, they require a bit of baking and construction. One is a gamified tasting experience. I know little about these games. By their nature, the ones requiring preparation aren't able to be mass produced. And maybe that would remove most of the charm anyway.

But to have a project that combines baking and games - both things that can bring folk together - is wonderful. I want to support it and also to experience it. I want to live in a world where more things like this are made. Where folk are being playful in all aspects of their life and finding joy everywhere.

Extravagant as it is, I backed for a physical copy of this book.
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Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:45 pm
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