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Bullet Dice: Over three years in the making.

I can point to the day when we first started to zero in on the final look for the Bullet Dice six-sider: March 23, 2015. I know this because I keep too many emails, and it's an email from that day where Samuel Mitschke showed us the very first pass at taking the concept to a real product.

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Three days later, on March 26, Richard Kerr's CAD file (based on Sam's design drawing) landed in the inbox, giving a better idea of what the final dice could look like if we were to proceed with the design.

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From there, the design was sent to our partners at GPI for review and tooling. Again, the email archives help pinpoint the day when we first saw the prototype dice from the factory: May 28, 2015. That's just over sixty days from the first design concept to seeing (and rolling!) the sample dice.

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Almost Kickstarter
Once we had the prototype dice in-hand, we discussed the idea of taking these to Kickstarter to produce the project. Back and forth, for months, we considered our options and even went so far as to begin the creation of a Kickstarter project. Reward levels. Stretch goals. We were moving forward with the campaign when larger responsibilities stepped in the way and put the brakes on the project.

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We moved on with other projects, completing and publishing some games and accessories as the Bullet Dice tooling sat at the factory, unused . . . but not forgotten. The double-injection mold was expensive to produce, and we knew we wanted to run the dice at some point, but finding the time to devote to completing a crowdfunding plan was growing more and more difficult as the months passed.

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Fall 2018
In September of 2018, we decided to take the dice directly into distribution and give them a shot at retail sales. The tooling sitting at the factory unusued wasn't generating any revenue, and we felt confident enough in the design of the six-sided die to produce a six-pack of the dice for retail sale in early 2019.

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On the Water

Now, almost four years after the first design drawings were created, we're happy to report that the Bullet Dice six-sider is produced and on the water, making its way to our primary fulfillment warehouse. At the moment, the dice are on schedule for a February 2019 release, and the response from wargamers -- and especially Ogre fans -- has been remarkably rewarding.

Completing a new project always feels great, especially one that has sat neglected for so very long. And wrapping this up reminded us of some other dice tools that are at the factory and unused, so we're already looking into finishing some other dice projects and making them a reality.

Dice are fun, and we're going to make more.
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Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:33 pm
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