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Big Game Design Update

David Short
United States
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I've sadly neglected this blog for over a year now. Shameful shake. My hope is to resurrect it to at least it's previous averageness.

The following is an update on every one of my current designs (in alphabetical order). If you aren't familiar with these designs, you can find their game descriptions here. If you want to learn more about my previously published designs check out my designer's page.

Bomb Squad (w/ Dan Keltner): This is coming along quite well. I'm pleased with how it's evolved and the balance we have struck with the Hanabi mechanism and the other elements of the game. We are continuing blind playtesting with several groups. The feedback has been very beneficial. Additionally, we have had some good interest from publishers (even going as far as receiving a contract from one), but haven't found a good fit yet. The future looks bright here (at least that's how it appears without my sunglasses on).

Clone Lab: This is a brand new worker placement idea that I will delve into further in my next blog post (already being written Done. Here's the link). I'm quite thrilled with it, so much so, that other designs might have to be put/kept on the back burner. I'll give you the hook here before making you wait for the follow up blog post. Player's are mad scientists that have figured out the cloning process and have moved onto their next big creation. They must complete their next big project using only themself and their clones. Each player can have unlimited clones, but each clone costs to create and costs to maintain. Additionally, each subsequent clone is not as capable as the original. This is especially so, if you opt to "cut corners" by cloning one of your clones instead of yourself.

Cluny Monks: I'm still pretty stoked about this idea. I'm mixing a rondel with worker placement in a very thematic setting. However, my enthusiam to conquer another deep euro has waned due to it being so difficult to playtest such beasts. So, this sits on the back burner, but I will not let it collect too much dust.

Enqueteur: I'm proud to say this has been picked up by a publisher! Very exciting stuff ahead for this little micro game.

Ground Floor Expansion: Tentatively named the Middle Management expansion, this project is coming along very well. I've had a blast uncovering new developments and expounding on the base game. I'll be writing a blog post about this as well, but I'll tell you that this expansion allows players to hire Managers that both come with an unique Expertise card (special ability) and are capable of bonuses when working in the city.

Mars:embarkation: I am a little sad to report that this project has lost some steam. It just wasn't developing at the quality or speed in which I was happy with. I'm not ditching it by any means (in fact, I might playtest it this weekend), but it is no longer my top design priority like it once was.

Skyline: Landmarks: This project has been done for a while and I continue to be pleased with it. The reception has been incredible. It's difficult to play the base game without it now. Here's to hoping it sees the light of day.

Tombstone (w/ Clive Lovett): Much like Mars, this game has not been given the love it deserves lately (Sorry Clive). It has tons of potential and I fully expect my inspiration for it to return. Ready your six shooters, bushwhackers.

edit: Added Clone Lab blog post link
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Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:05 pm
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