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Mars Zero??

David Short
United States
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I stumbled upon this article regarding the future outlook for the Mars One Foundation.

Private Mars Colony Project

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I read every Mars article I can get my hands on in hopes of gaining inspiration and knowledge for my Mars game Mars:embarkation. This article was the first in a long time to give me some spark.

In the article, the Mars One Foundation is planning on sending human colonists to Mars in 2023. These colonists would never return to Earth. They would establish a Mars Colony there with supply ships arriving from Earth every couple of years. I've read about this mission before, but this article seemed to provide new details that made it sound cool.

Additionally, a pre-mission to this large Mars One mission is planned for 2018. This is more of a test flight and introduction trip. And this is where another spark occurred for me.

What if my game was renamed to Mars Zero?! And what if it tied directly into the Mars One planning and program?!

This could bring new life to Mars:embarkation Zero!
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Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:11 pm
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