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A Closer Look: Titans

In 2017 Mythic Games launched their campaign for the miniature heavy board game Time of Legends: Joan of Arc. The game put players in the role of historical figures set in the 100 Year War during the medieval times. The twist being that Mythical Games also incorporated creatures of dark fantasy in the mix, making for a pretty interesting combination. If this sounds like your cup of tea then please, join us for a closer look at a game that shares some traits the aforementioned game of Joan of Arc.

Board Game: Titans

Today we are taking a closer look at the upcoming board game Titans, designed by Łukasz Woźniak and published by Go On Board. Wozniak designed the game Valhalla which was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year and one I was very close at pledging for but other games called for my attention at the time. At it's core Titans is a area control game for 2-4 players where you fight for domination over the other players with miniatures on a map based board. But the game also includes a solo mode that is scenario based on actual historical conflicts according to the Kickstarter draft page.

Much like the previously mentioned board game about the shield-maiden, Titans is set in an alternate version of 17th century Europe. War has ravaged the lands for an eternity, darkness is spreading in hearts and minds of the people. Their cries of sorrow echoes throughout the damp autumn air. From the war-torn lands ancient dormant Spirits wake up from their slumber, calling to the Titans to march into battle side by side with the people and fight back their oppressors.

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The core mechanisms of the game revolve around deck of Order Cards. Players will utilize this shared deck of cards in order to recruit, deploy and move their armies across the game board whilst also being able to awake their nations Powers in form of mighty Titans. Since the Order Cards are played face up all players can form a long-term strategy, in a way it does sound a bit similar to the card system from Spirit Island in terms of how the explorers activate.

Board Game: Titans

You can play as the kingdom of Sweden? Count me in come Kickstarter launch!

Battles are resolved by utilizing three distinct mechanisms:

d10-1 Battle dice.Each type of Unit has a special type of Dice assigned to them. Dice add exciting randomness, but the range of results on each dice allows players to plan and prepare for the possible outcomes. There is also a simple re-roll mechanics, so the Dice should satisfy gamers that both love and avoid Dice in wargames.

d10-2 Support Cards are held in hand by players. They allow gaining additional Strenght or Moving a new Unit to the Battle. Most of the cards can be combined to create powerful combos, but each card has a specific requirement to be played. So making those combos depends on the Units involved in that particular Battle.

d10-3 Army Cards, that are kept face-up in front of each player. They work in specific situations, so - for most of the time - players will be fully aware of their possible impact on the Battle. But it depends on their decision to use them or keep them for one of the upcoming Battles.[1]

Titans is currently scheduled for a launch on Kickstarter in November. For more information about the game head on over to the Kickstarter draft page or the game's page here on Board Game Geek.

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Fri Aug 2, 2019 10:05 am
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