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I am a full-time designer/artist/self-publisher and I am available for freelance work. I go to cons as a trader and help run the all-day Friday playtest sessions in London. I left my last 'real' job in 2014. I was getting benefits for a few years. I'm currently writing sporadically, but getting back into the habit of daily posts. If you have any questions/topics you'd like me to address, send me a geekmail and I'll probably address the topic within a week.

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Is this a game? Keep the egg carton symmetrical.

Bez Shahriari
United Kingdom
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Buy a carton of eggs.

Consume the eggs. One, two, or even three at a time.

After consuming eggs, feel free to rearrange them. Now, check the carton - does it have reflected symmetry along at least one axis? If not, you lose.

When you finish the eggs, buy another carton. You win!

Now play again.
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Tue Sep 3, 2019 12:10 am
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