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Level Up Dice Offers Collectable, Blind Bag Luxury Dice to Retailers

United States
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Sydney, Australia - Level Up Dice, the premier luxury dice company, is bringing Glyphic Blind Bags Series 2 to Retailers around the world in May 2021.

Each bag contains one of thirty-two thematic ‘glyphic’ designs on a finely crafted semi-precious stone six-sided die, along with an interactive checklist showcasing the full set. Series 2 features 16 Common dice, 9 Uncommon Dice and 7 Rare dice. Each die is also available in an ionised 'foil' version. Composed of a mixture of reimagined classic Level Up Dice designs and all-new glyphics never seen before, Series 2 brings a taste of luxury to the gaming table like nothing before.

Series 1 was exclusive to Level Up Dice and sold out its initial print run quickly, leading to the decision to open series 2 to retailers. Level Up Dice currently offers a service producing customised luxury dice for retailers and game companies throughout the world.

Started in 2015 by Alex Abrate, Level Up Dice has risen to become an industry leader in the manufacture of dice and tokens from luxury materials. A multinational company based out of Australia, Level Up Dice was recently tapped to create a commemorative set for the 45th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons and has previously made dice for companies such as Wyrmwood and Reedpop and properties including Legend of the Five Rings and Vampire the Masquerade.

Retailers can make enquiries about the custom order program by emailing wholesale@levelupdice.net

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Here's an image of the retail box of collectible d6:

A few of the available dice.
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Wed Feb 24, 2021 3:31 am
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