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Spooky Skaturday

Anyone want to play a live game of Skat on boardgamearena sometime? Maybe tomorrow, Oct. 31st, 2020? I am still very bad at the game, but I think I understand the rules well enough to deserve my losses. I have read the rules multiple times. I have watched several videos. I have played (and lost) games on an iOS app. I think I'm ready to go live? I have been allergic to online games for too long. Why not have my first online game in a long time be an embarrassing, bumbling loss?

I'm EST. I can do almost any time on Saturday, late afternoon on Sunday, and/or early evening any day. I'm typically ready for bed by 8 and get increasingly cranky as the night goes on. I could even play this evening, but I'm already cranky at 3:30pm. I was awake at 4am this morning. What time did you get up?

Next, setting up VASSAL on the mac and finding out how to stop being an online Babyloner and join the online Babylocos for some asynch play.

Edit: Playing more app skat. I am truly terrible.
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Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:50 pm
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