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Gamesmiths go on a Round Trip

David Short
United States
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This week's Gamesmith's meeting was very productive. We started off playing my game Round Trip. Round Trip is a set collection and pick up & deliver game for 2 to 4 players about moving your party of travellers thru an airport to their destination gate. It's fairly light and accessible, yet with enough of a puzzle to solve to keep all kinds of gamers actively invested.

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We setup a 4 player game using the standard Airport A. Seth was the start player. Things started off leisurely as they always do, but soon everyone was pushing and pulling while they tried to make it thru the crowds to their gates. Dan was the first to score a seat on his airplane, while the rest of us fought with blockages in the terminal and the slow stragglers in our party. Soon enough though, Seth and I started dropping score cards at a brisk pace attempting to keep up as best we could. All the while, Dan and Simon continued to load up their planes. The game progressed like this until Simon loaded the 12th passenger onto a plane and thus triggered the end game. For our final turns, Dan and I both found ways to secure a window seat before the game ended. I don't remember the exact scores, but they were something like Dan 17, Seth 19, Simon 19 and me 20. Good game.

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Everyone seemed to enjoy it so we moved onto another game using Airport D. Simon started this one by moving his party briskly thru a couple of terminals riding on the tram at least once. Soon enough, Dan saw an opportunity to go against the flow by playing an action card that allowed him to move backwards thru the airport. In doing so, he was rewarded with one of his party members comfortably seated in a nice roomy exit row on the wing! From there, everyone took turns jockeying for position while trying to score cards and avoid laying the red carpet for their opponents. I continue to love this board due to the speed and options that the airport trams offer. The end game for this session came rapidly, leaving Seth and I roaming the airport with a couple of our lost party members. In the end Dan grabbed the victory (slightly edging out Simon).

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At this point, Seth voiced his opinion that the end game felt too abrupt. It was a valid concern, so we proceeded with a 3rd game using yet another board (Aiport C) and tested playing a bonus round after the end game was triggered. Dan started us off on this one. Read more »
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Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:43 pm
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