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I've already grown too impatient. No one wanted What the Heck, which probably proves some general point that we all think our own trash is highly desirable, when really no one wants it.

Anyhow, I've got a pile of games.

I'm getting rid of them.

They're YOURS. If you want them.

If you want more than one game, that's fine. I'll do my best to get everything in the best sized box. I've got small first class padded envelopes. For larger shipments, I'll probably use the flat rate boxes that the post office gives out for free. I think the medium flat rate cost is up to $15 or $16.

You agree to pay actual postage, rounded up to the next nearest dollar to keep it simple and to cover my "handling" costs. All payment goes through PayPal via the "friends and family" option. I am giving these games away as a friendly favor. This is not a business transaction.

You also agree to PLAY THE GAME(S). I'm not here to help collectors. I want these games to be loved, or at least played. If you like them, keep them. If you don't, keep passing them along to others.

Leave a comment here letting me know which game(s) you want. Send me a geekmail. Stop by the house. Whatever works for you.

I'll decide who gets what by next Saturday, November 5th, maybe sooner. I'll send out geekmails letting everyone know what they're getting, if anything. Who gets what will be entirely up to me. I might make reasoned decisions about who gets what. I might just roll some dice.

I'll try to get the games sent out by the end of the following week.

So, what games?

In no particular order:

What the Heck?
The game that no one wanted from my previous post. Played seven times. In good shape.

Hanibal's food Jass deck.
I'll always be grateful that Hanibal let me print out a copy of this, but I'm also not sentimental, and no longer need this, so figure I'll pass it on to anyone else interested. It's a "learner" deck that has card points printed on the cards, including values that are changed through the trump suit. In 2020, when I was still coming to grips with card games, I was very enthusiastic about these sorts of "training wheels" decks. I'm happy to say that I've graduated to full Jass nerd, someone who just thinks it's obvious that the Jack becomes the highest trump card and is now worth 20 points instead of 2, and of course the 9 rides along as well, becoming second highest, going from 0 value to 14. And, oh, those 8s, they're valuable some of the time and I always know what time it is.
Condition: I didn't actually use this more than a few times, but these cards do show edge wear and the tuckbox is a little bit beat up.

Chris was very kind to send me this deck. I played 3 times. I liked it a lot and think that it's a successful blend of trick-taker and word game, something that I would have never thought of. I'm glad that Chris thought of it. That said, I think that it's a better word game than a trick-taking game, and I just don't have much room in my life (specifically in my games closet) for many word games. If I want to play a word game, I'll always reach for LetterPress or Bananagrams or Boggle before anything else. I don't even own a copy of Scrabble, which I like, so no disrespect meant towards LetterTricks.
Condition: Good. Played 3 times. The plastic deck box cracked significantly on one corner, but it still opens and closes alright.

Movable Type
Another word game. Sam sent me this, and again, I'm very grateful, but not all that sentimental. I've purchased Letterpress and prefer that to MT. This is just personal preference. I like the colors of Letterpress more than the colors of MT. I miss the authors on the challenge cards, but also found that they were unnecessary and could be a distraction. Anyhow, this is also a great game.
Condition. Played 3 times. Good. Some minor box shelfwear.

The Toledo War
bootleby sent me this. I guess this is just the section of the post in which I give away all of the kind gift games that others have sent to me.
Condition: I don't think I even played this copy. I played twice, but I'm pretty sure it was Jake's copy.

Reign of Witches
Another very clever game that I just have not played recently and haven't had the desire to play.
Condition: Played 4 times. The black card backs aren't the greatest quality. I think there is wear after just these few plays. I didn't mind it, but it's probably something that would drive sleevers nuts.

Skat Blue Rings deck
Another "training wheels" style deck. I bought multiples of these because I wanted to support the project.
Condition: New.

I barely remember this one. I remember not liking it. For some reason, I threw away the box. Don't ask me.
Condition: Played once. Cards and rulebook in a quart-sized plastic baggie.

Vikings: Scourge of the North
I don't remember why I wanted this one. I must have been getting a wargame itch and thought I could satisfy it with a solo game.
Condition: Mostly punched. Unplayed.

Hawaii, 1795: Kamehameha's War of Unification
Another Decision Games game that I didn't play.
Condition: Unpunched. Unplayed.

Not War But Murder
I've owned this since it came out. At the time, I was into area-impulse games. I never played this one. I set up the map earlier this year and read the rules. I realized that I'm no longer any kind of wargamer.
Condition: Unpunched. Unplayed.

Battle for Moscow: Operation Typhoon, 1941
This is the Victory Point games edition. I also have the GMT magazine edition so don't need this. Played once on this copy. I think it's a solid intro hex and counter game.
Condition: Good. Punched. Counters not clipped.

Sea Evil
I've come to terms with not ever playing this. If I do play it, it'll likely be at Mancation, and Mike also owns a copy so we're covered. We also talked about Psycho Raiders next year, so maybe that will happen.
Condition: I punched stuff and cut out the cards. Set up once. Unplayed.

Jena 20
GMT magazine edition.
Condition: Good. Unpunched. Counters are cut off from the rest of counter sheet that came with the magazine, which is not part of this.
The magazine is probably in my basement somewhere.

Celles: The Ardennes, December 23-27, 1944
I got this used in a trade. I set it up once and played through solo just a bit.
Condition: Good. Punched. Unclipped.

The NOTORIOUS Llamaland. It's fine.
Condition: Very Good. Played Once.

Wabash Cannonball
I never play this. I like it alright. I want to like it more than I do. Once I get rid of this, I'll have no more cube rails games left in the house. Another era is over.
Condition: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This is the Queen edition. I was disgusted by how large the box was, so I butchered it. The sides have been cut down. It's a sloppy job, not neat. But it's a much smaller box, about the size of the Capstone boxes, nice and slim. I'd have to check, but I also think I threw away the paper money. Sorry, paper money lovers. Also, some shelfwear to box. I can take a photo of the box.

Terra Nova
This is where you can start to tell that I'm serious. I think that Terra Nova is a great game. I've owned it for 10+ years. But I've owned it for 10+ years and I've only played it 13 times. 13 times is a decent amount of plays for a Cult of the New hobbyist, but I don't want that to me. I want to play all of the games I own 100+ times. That means getting rid of games so that I have a tight, focused collection of just a handful of titles. So, Terra Nova gets the axe in this most recent round of culling. I considered keeping it just for the wooden hex pieces, but I've got enough bits and bobs in a bits and bobs box without being greedy for more.
Condition: Moderate to major shelfwear. It shows its age. There's some caving to the top lid.

Fantasy Realms
A game I like, just not enough.
Condition: This is the 1st U.S. edition (which I like better than the later edition). For whatever reason, the box and even the insides show considerable wear. The cards are still in pretty good shape. Played 5 times. I think my kids played it more often without me, which might explain some of the wear.

I don't like it. Sorry, Darryl.
Condition: I only played this copy once. I had played Crazy Chicken many years ago. This is the SimplyFun Drive edition. My kids also played this a few times without me, but the box and cards are in surprisingly good shape.

Wildlife Safari
It's Knizia. It's fine.
Condition: This is the Gryphon Games Botswana edition. It's in Very Good condition. Only played once. I was tempted to take the animals out and dump the rest of the game, but... I figured someone here might enjoy the game more than me.

Five Cucumbers
I've probably held onto this as long as I have because I don't want to part with the wooden pickles. I only played once, but I think I hate this game and maybe hate all last trick games.
Condition: Good.

Heul doch! Mau Mau
I had fun with this one for a while, but I haven't wanted to play it.
Condition: Played 8 times. My kids might have played it a few more times without me. The box has some shelfwear. The cards also show wear, which I think just says more about the card quality than me being particularly hard on them.

Ghosts of Christmas
Another one I like, but don't love.
Condition: Pretty good. Played twice. It's got the upgraded components. I think I recycled the original non-upgraded tokens.

The Great Dalmuti
I wanted to love this. I didn't love it.
Condition: Played once. Purple box edition.

Alright, I guess that's it for now.

Somebody, please take my games. Whatever doesn't get grabbed here will get put in a thrift store box and leave the house anyhow. After this purge, I'll still have too many games in the house. I'll still have a pile of unplayed games. But the collection will be marginally smaller. It's a work in progress.
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Thu Oct 27, 2022 1:24 pm
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The Return of Game Giveaways - What the Heck?

I'm still culling. I still can't quite just drop everything off at the thrift store.


Games for you.

I'll try to make this a regular Wednesday feature, probably through the end of the year.

This week's game is What the Heck?, or, as my 18yo daughter called it, "WHAT THE HECK ABOUT YOU".

Invented by Alex Randolph.

Yep, invented, not designed. I've seen that on a few older games and love it.

WtH is basically an iteration of GOPS. I had fun with it, both at home with family and with friends on Mancation, but I haven't returned to it since last year and don't have much desire to do so.

I've played this copy seven times. Always unsleeved. I'd say the box and components are in Very Good condition, but keep in mind that that's based on my subjective evaluation.

This is the most recent Amigo English edition.
Board Game: What the Heck?

If you want it, leave a comment. The game is free. You agree to pay shipping. Actual shipping costs. After I ship you the game, I'll send you a geekmail, letting you know the postage, rounding up to the next whole dollar to cover minor costs over and above shipping. Payment for this can then be sent to me via PayPal using the "family & friends" option.

I'll wait two days before responding to comments. If several people leave a comment wanting the game, I'll make a choice based on a whole bunch of subjective, arbitrary criteria which will not be disclosed.

I've got small package envelopes. I'm guessing that WtH will be about $5 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S., but I haven't shipped anything in a while, so it could be more or less (probably more).
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Wed Oct 26, 2022 9:03 pm
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There are too many games.

too many.
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Wed Nov 17, 2021 12:25 am
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