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World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch/Kingdom Death -- Steam Punk Twilight Knight

Eric Wentling
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So this is a little gem I discovered on clearance at Miniature Market thanks to a post on one of the Kingdom Death: Monster threads. Apparently it is a crossover mini for the boardgame World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch, one of the few CMON games I apparently don't own. The game is an Overlord style game so I probably won't ever play it...reducing my need to own this one.

From gallery of drtanglebones

This is a steampunk version of the Twilight Knight from KDM. I started painting her at the same time as two other versions of the Twilight Knight but this one stalled out a bit and got finished about a two months after the others. This is one solid plastic mini, not the 30 tiny hard plastic bits requiring assembly, so the quality is not quite to par with the usual KDM minis. It is also a bit smaller in scale than most of the more recent KDM minis.

I decided to go full NMM, which required gold, silver, and copper/bronze for the cat and some of the arm sword. The character art was all black and white so I had free reign on my color choices--probably making it tougher on me actually! I think I should have gone more white and less blue on the mist/smog/whatever it is that they are standing on. But the blue works well with the grays and the blue tinge I gave her outfit, so there you go! Also, I now want a steampunk cat to terrorize my three actual cats.

I'll add this to my KDM mini list HERE.
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Thu Dec 9, 2021 2:08 pm
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