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More Fun with Geekbuddy Analysis: Guess the Game

Today, I was talking with a non-gamer and she told me about all of the games that she grew up playing. She doesn't have any favorite games, doesn't care about games, but does have some good memories related to playing games, most notably a traditional card game that her grandparents taught her that her family played often. It was such a big family tradition that each of the kids got their own personalized set when they graduated from high school. Sounds like a fun family card game, right?

She couldn't remember the name of it and was going to look it up and get back to me tomorrow. In the meantime, I did some digging around and figured out what it was. I found it here on BGG.

She gave me details that would make the game obvious to anyone who is already aware of it, but my only hint to all of you is that it has a commercially published version (versions, actually) and requires a custom display in addition to a deck of playing cards.

One more hint. Martin G. had this to say about the game:
From gallery of trawlerman

10 geekgold to everyone who guesses the correct game. Please use spoiler tags in the comments.

(It's silly, but I might make this a semi-regular feature here, picking geekbuddy comments and running a stupid contest to see if anyone can guess the game.)
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Tue May 24, 2022 11:47 pm
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