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Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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An introduction to the 10-100 system.
It is a very alluring thing to have a constant flow of new games into our collections. It reminds us that we have the disposable income and opens new doors to different experiences. I do not, any longer, believe in the increased value in variety that seems to be the zeitgeist in the BGG community as I have experienced it. Perhaps, as some of my closer gaming friends have suggested, it is just a personal taste that has changed - I prefer to think of it as seeing through the delusional fog of buyer’s excitement.
I have several negative addictions. Purchasing shiny new things is one of them. It is my hope that by concentrating on the playing of games more than the acquisition of new ones I can reduce my outlay and increase my experience of fun.
So – the practical law of the 10-100 plan:
To not purchase any new games until I have hit 100 face to face plays of each of 10 games I already own or play.
This rule starts today, the 16/02/12, meaning that the last game purchased for the foreseeable future was the print and play edition of Yomi (for $15), which will probably give me a little hit of the “new game” feeling every time I print out and put a new deck together. Baby steps…
Of course, this means that all the games of the 10 have to be pretty damn entertaining and represent generous potential for repeat plays, especially since the most I have played any game in my collection is c.34 times.
So here are the criteria:
1.       The game must be fun. I realise this is different from person to person but these choices will be personal (I’m not about to insist other people play 100 games of each), so I can eschew objectivity in favour of selfishness – bye bye Martin Wallace.
2.       It must be conceivable that I can get willing opponents. So obscure, niche games are unlikely to gain acceptance, however much I may want to explore their possibilities (Icehouse – I’m looking at you!)
3.       The game cannot be extremely complicated. It is likely I will have to teach the game many times, so to save sanity and maximise playing time it helps if the rules necessary to get started can be taught in ten minutes at most. (So, no Mecanisburgo)
4.       The game cannot be absurdly long. This is simply a consideration of practicality and sense. No TI:3 marathon sessions, then.
I will be revealing my choices of game over the next few days. After that I will keep updating this blog with my progress. I’m in for the long, long, long haul.
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Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:45 am
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