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Currently, my main gaming focus is on Lord of the Rings the card game. I feel the need to rant and rave about my strategic and mental transgressions and figure it is better to not clog up the forum with it.

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RtR killed Gloin or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love (or at least tolerate) the Ziggy bomb

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Gloin was the first hero I really liked. He has solid questing and fighting for a reasonable threat. He is a dwarf and synergizes well with many cards. But most of all, with a little healing support, he is a great resource engine. With 3 daughters of the Nimrodel and 3 self preservations, he was reliable in this capacity in a 50 card deck. Frodo was his sidekick, attackers could be ignored and mooched for resources with little worry. If a horrible shadow effect occurred, then the damage could be applied to your threat through Frodo's ability. Add on some dunedain watchers and a hasty stroke or two, and even a direct defense by Gloin himself was safe from the likes of the horrible Sudden Pitfall. Dark Knowledge + Rider of the Mark could further expand this safety net. I began to see enemies in the staging area as cash waiting to be harvested on Gloin. Narvi's belt was a perfect addition to allow for flexible expenditure, although songs worked fine as well. Add on UCed Beravor and card draws were no longer a problem. Access to A Test of Will closed off the remaining hole. Gloin, Frodo, and Beravor - this little engine was THE core deck amongst my decks in my two player games.
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Sat Apr 7, 2012 10:39 pm
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