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I used to do this once....

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I remember game blogging.

I also remember Geek Seer.

And when raving about Settlers was cool.

A lot has happened since I stopped game blogging. The game group has gone through a half dozen incarnations. Currently a new phoenix is rising from the ashes.

I've started hoping again that I might RPG again, regularly, with folks that are normal. See you can either RPG frequently or with normal people, but rarely both. And those planets are aligning for me soon. (Right guys!?!)

Also, there is a dearth of games coming out soon that I'm interested in acquiring and that, to me, is a great thing. Why? Because rather than chasing the dragon of buying crappy games hoping to spark something I felt while playing a great game; I just end up playing my older great games.

Lastly, my son is RPG'in'. I get calls on Friday nights asking if he and his friends can borrow my minis (of course, the answer is "No.") He's DM'ing and has finally found a group that is meshing with his style. I'm so proud. So that's where I'm at gaming-wise, in a nutshell.

More detailed travel logs as the year progresses.
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Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:38 pm
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