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[ENDED] Playtesters wanted: Automa for Charterstone

David Studley
United States
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Hi fellow solo gamers!

Morten, Lines, and I have been working on the Automa for Charterstone and we are looking for 4 playtesters to participate in a wave, testing solo play of the entire campaign.

We appreciate that there will be quite a bit of interest, but we are on a very tight schedule. We ask that you consider carefully whether you will be able to play the game approximately 15 times over the course of the next few weeks and provide feedback after each play.

The 4 playtesters will receive a rough prototype of the game by mail, but will be asked to print their own Automa materials (a rule book and ~18 cards). US/Canada is preferred because of the time required to ship the prototype.

Please think carefully before you reply but, if you love playtesting and have the time and inclination to help us out, please GM me with an e-mail address that we can use to send you additional information.
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Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:58 pm
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