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Hindsight: Turn 1 Coalition Operational Movement

Erich Vereen
United States
North Carolina
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As has been mentioned, Rindis and I are currently engaged in an F&E campaign. Rindis has been very good at giving me hints and tactical advice during the game. Since the game is in turn three at this point, I figured I might go back to the previous turns in order to see what could have been done to change the tide of battle.

The picture below shows the beginning of the Coalition Turn 1, Phase 3: Operational Movement.

From gallery of belirahc

Lyran Stacks

0404 - FF, TGC, MB
0502 - CC, Cl, 2CW, 2FF, 2DD
0504 - BD, 3CA, 2CW, 2CL, FF, DD, SC
0608 - CC, CA, CW, DW, 2CL, 2DD, 2FF, SC
0705 - CA, 2CL, CW, 2FF, 2DD
0707 - CA, CW, 2CL, DD, FF

Kzinti Stacks

0701 - BATS
0703 - BATS
0901 - CVE, FF, EFF, SB, 2nd Reserve
1004 - BATS
1304 - 1st Reserve, Duke's Fleet, SB

Kzinti Fleet Info
1st Reserve - TGC, 2BP, CC, CV, CLE, EFF, 3BD, CL, SF, DF
2nd Reserve - TGT, 2BP, CC, 3BC, FF, CV, CLE, EFF, SF, DF
Duke's Fleet - DN, CVL, CLE, EFF, CVE, EFF, 3FF

On my turn, I advanced:
0504 to 0703
0502 to 0701
0404 (FF Only) to 0701
0705 to 0803
0707 to 0803

Rindis was able to react 0901 to 0803 with three ships, then moved his reserve forces to make a major campaign against 0701 (2nd Reserve) and 0803 (1st reserve). In the end, I was only able to take the BATS at 0703 while many of my initial forces were crippled after only a single round of battle. The final result looked like this:

From gallery of belirahc

A few observations:

1. Too many ships in too few locations.

Rindis mentioned this to me, but I suppose I should have seen it myself. By not spreading out my forces, it made it easy for Rindis to come in and defend his border easily. He lost a single bats, but I lost much more by having to retreat and repair ships without making headway.

2. Aggressive is good, but don't leave the force behind.

I completely forgot the force in 0705. While it was pushed to the front during Strategic Movement, it would probably have been better for it to be used in the initial assault. It may not have been able to reach anything more than 0803, but at least it would be another force in the battle.

3. Slow and steady baits the trap.

When I initially sent this log, I sent it as one continuous movement. I did the same thing in turn two, but Rindis gave me another tip during his half of Turn 2. Spread out movement in order to see if you can get your opponent to move where you want... or not, whichever you need to happen. Give the opponent something to think about by slowing down movement and give them some choices, preferably hard ones.

Hindsight - A Replay

While the distribution of ships is not the best, this is how I started this game. So, using the formations presented, I'm hoping I can create a more interesting opening strike for my opponent.

First attack would be to move 0608 onto the front lines. At 0704, this force would split a CA, CL, DD, and FF from the group and send it into 0703, while the rest of the fleet would move into 0803 to act as a pinning force against the Kzinti fleet there.

Next, move 0707 through 0803 and into 1004. At this point I would stop to see if any shifting moves would be made by my opponent, to see if he might send his one carrier group in to support any of the BATS near it or maybe attempt to pin some of the force moving to 1004.

Without knowing my opponents moves, I continue to attack his Defensive line. Hex 0502 would split off a CW and DD to move to 0703 to help bolster that assault. The rest of the fleet would head to 0701 to make an attack there.

0705 would make an assault towards a pair of minor planets at 1001 (CA, CL, DD, FF) and 1105 (CW, CL, DD, FF). I did not attack the planet at 1202 due to the fact that the Kzinti Home fleet is active at the start of the game. Hex 1202 is within the extended reaction zone of the home fleet. Moving to 1202 would draw out some ships, and while I am making these raids I don't want to give my opponent any more traction at this time,

Finally, the ships in 0504 and FF in 0404 would make an assault on the starbase in order to give them one more choice to make. If I understand pinning correctly, this is also going to have an added effect of pinning some portion of the 2nd Reserve. This forces the 2nd Reserve to react to another location with less ships.

Assuming no reaction movement and not accounting for Reserve movement, this is what the map would look like at the end of the Coalition's ops move.

From gallery of belirahc

This would give my opponent many choices, and would give me a chance to do some damage. Also, this setup would allow me to disrupt several provinces during the retrograde movement portion of the game. even if I don't take everything, there is a good chance to get something other than the single BATS I took in the real game. Now, I just wish I had realized this when we started.
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