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Dinosaurs Are Coming! New Mindclash Games on the Horizon...

Candice Harris
United States
Los Angeles
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Board Game Publisher: Mindclash Games
Mindclash Games has a reputation for releasing deep, heavy games with the theme and mechanisms melded together seamlessly, creating immersive gaming experiences. I can recall the first time I played Trickerion. My brain burned a bit...quite a bit...but I also felt like I was playing in a world similar to the movie The Prestige as I struggled to become a more impressive magician than my opponents. I am always curious to see what Mindclash will produce next.

It's looking like the publisher's big new release for 2020 will be Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles, a narrative-driven, city-building, dice-worker-placement, area-majority game with a survivor theme — and DINOSAURS! Mindclash describes it as "a Euro-style game with the feeling of adventure" and credits designers Richard Amann, Thomas Vande Ginste, Anthony Howgego, Viktor Peter, Wolf Plancke, and Dávid Turczi. Turczi planted the initial seed for this design according to Mindclash's first designer diary blog post for Perseverance. Here's an overview of the storyline behind the game:
Caught by an eldritch storm in the Devil's Triangle, a luxury ocean liner gets stranded on a mysterious island. The first survivors to set foot ashore watch in awe as mighty dinosaurs emerge from the extraordinary vegetation...

At first, you are a castaway, struggling for mere survival. As days turn to months, and months to years, you persevere. You raise walls, build a city, and form a new society, slowly understanding this strange land — your new home. Through great sacrifice and tenacity, the menacing beasts inhabiting these lands slowly become your companions. Riding the dinosaurs that once kept you in fear, you know you are ready to claim the island, and start writing the history of a new civilization.

Board Game: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles – Episodes 1 & 2

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles is a series of Euro-style dice-drafting / dice-placement games. The saga consists of four episodes that tell the story of a group of survivors becoming a mighty civilization on a hostile island. The theme unfolds through narrative elements, as well as evolving game mechanisms. The episodes are playable as standalone games with various lengths and complexities, but also as a continuous story. The outcome of each episode influences the next, but the game has no legacy elements and no hidden rules; the whole storyline is infinitely replayable.
Looking a bit deeper into the future, Richard Amann and Viktor Peter's Transhumanity is another Mindclash game in the works for a potential 2021 release. Transhumanity is a co-operative sci-fi exploration game based on an award-winning novel by Brandon Hackett that I believe is titled Isten gépei. The BGG description below gives me an Anachrony vibe thematically at a high level, but seems to be a completely different world with fresh gameplay and mechanisms:
The event called the "Leap" happened in the blink of an eye, but changed mankind's future forever. Earth was mysteriously torn from its orbit by an unknown force; the Sun disappeared from the sky, and a scarlet dwarf star took its place. No one knows how or why the Leap happened, but one thing seems certain: It was an act of a superior intelligence with an unknown origin and intention.

The mystery is up to your group of explorers to unfold through a series of plays. Discover multiple variants of the post-Leap Earth in an age when technology is spiraling out of control and becoming both a blessing and a curse. Evolve into a powerful Transhuman on your journey to discover the truth behind the Leap — but hold on to your humanity or face the consequences.

Board Game: Transhumanity

Transhumanity is a story-driven co-operative campaign game in which players use point-to-point movement to explore multiple post-Leap Earths. Each game is based on an open card-drafting mechanism in which players may use the drafted cards to either influence the current Earth's fate or build their own deck to customize and improve their character for the long run. The campaign will gradually unveil the truth behind the Leap and lead to an epic conclusion.
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