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I will be posting monthly recaps of my gaming which I used to do in GeekLists, but it has been a long, long time since that was he norm. I'll also be commenting on games on occasion, though I can tell you that I will be behind the curve because I just don't get to play the new games as soon as some people do.
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Games Played in April 2012

Bobby Warren
United States
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La cheeserie!
Not much to add this month, except I really, really missed going to the Gathering of Friends this year. I am leaning towards trying to go next year, but the date is so close to the time of year that is busiest at work that it could be prevented at the last minute. Ahh, well, I will have to ponder the decision.

I didn't make much headway in the different alea challenges, just being able to mark off one game in Alea Small Box Challenge.

I played 24 different games a total of 43 times with four of them being new to me and eight of them being games I played in March. I played four expansions a total of 10 times with two of them being new and one of them being played last month.

Here are the games I played in April.

Castles of Burgundy
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

I taught Alex how to play and he did really well. He started off focusing on buildings, which has been my favorite tactic in the last couple of games, so I started working on collecting ships and animals and grabbed the buildings I could when they were useful.

I also taught John and Michael how to play and thought I would try to focus more on the long-term goals over the immediate scoring, so the two one-hex areas didn't get scored until they were worth significantly less points later in the game. In the end, those points might have made the difference since John won by around 10 points.

Fast Flowing Forest Fellers
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 3/12

Last month, I mentioned that Michael had picked this up because he thought his daughters would be able to play this. They can, and he and I played this with his them. The youngest ended up winning, in part because we didn't actively attack the youngesters, but she played consistently. She moved the fastest she could on every turn, with Michael and I pointing out the best way to use the movememnt. Occasionally, she would stick to her guns about which figure she wanted to move and it worked out.

In a way, I won. I finished third but Michael didn't get either of his racers off the board and lost badly, so I will claim the moral victory!

Finstere Flure
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 8/11

Eighteen entered.

Two left.

Kyle was the one who was successful at leading the monster to grab the others.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 2/12

Ben and I taught Kyle to play, we then played a second game, then Kyle bought it.

We played it on a slightly harder level than we had been playing, and we still won both games. Time to make it harder again.

Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 2/11

Always fun and I really like the tension near the end of the game when you are waiting to see if that card you really need is even available. The deck keeps running out, and you keep hoping…


Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 11/10

With the dice game being a current favorite, I thought it would be a good idea to get this, or one of the other variations of it, played. I explained it to Ben and then gave a quick refresher to Kyle, who arrived near the end of the explanation, and we went hunting for ancient cities, err, collecting Lucky Charms!

I did really well in this game because both Ben and Kyle were discarding the dark red cards and I was collecting them while some of my other colors were advancing, then I sprinted to the top of the red column and used the remaining cards to move the colors that had gotten because of poor card play on my part, or a lack of drawing those colors.

Keltis: Das Würfelspiel
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

Playing this is what inspired the original game to be played this month. Well, not the original game, but the game which this was named after...

Kingdom Builder
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 2/12

Michael and I taught this to Kyle who schooled us.

I'm looking forward to the expansion quite a bit!

Lords of Waterdeep
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: New to me

I wasn't expecting much from this, but it turned out to be a nice worker placement game with the world's worst box design, ever. Maybe I exaggerate a little, but it is only a little…

Los Banditos
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 11/10

It's a very light filler dice game, which is also fairly quick to play.

Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: New to me

A speed game which I don't mind. I won't be buying it, but I'll play it when asked.

Nightfall: Coldest War
Times Played: 3
Last Month Played: New to me

The additions to the original game made in this set have made the game a keeper from something I was going to trade away. Mike and I played three games and this will be joining the games we play on Thursdays as two-player games. I am now of the opinion that the game works best with two.

Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

Expansion Played: Rise of the Demons for all games.

Played a couple of games at Mike's. I did learn that three dragons can beat two dragons. That's good to know since my previous experience showed that four dragons is a loser to one dragon.

Race for the Galaxy
Times Played: 4
Last Month Played: 1/12

Expansion Played: The Gathering Storm for all the games.

Michael, Kyle, and I raced through a couple of games and late rin the month, it was just Michael nd I for a couple of games.

Rat Hot
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 3/11

It is always a good thing when this comes out and gets played. It's a quick, clever, two-player game. I thought I was dominating the game, but I suspect I became too concerned about making Mike's rats stay visible that I lost sight of covering his visible points, and he handily won when we counted up the end-game scoring.

Sentinels of the Multiverse
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 9/11

Expansion Played: Rook City.

Expatriette and Mr. Fixer took on Spite at the Industrial Park where he manufactured his nefarious concoctions. After Expatriette fell, Mr. Fixer's zen mastery was almost enough to outlast the villain, but he was defeated as victory was just in sight.

Mike and I played without a dummy third player, and I guess the game is designed to work with at least three players, but it was still fun and we really did come close to a victory.

The Speicherstadt
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

First I taught Ben to play. Then later, Ben and I taught Kyle to play since it was something we could fit into the 45-minute we had to play something.

Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

One of the games we were setting up to play with three and Kevin and Anne showed up and we decided to play it with five, which is not ideal. It was made worse when a Magma Drake breached and destroyed two cards off the top of the village and hero decks. That slowed down an already slow game. The next time someone suggests this with five, I need to remember what Nancy Reagan said: Just say no!

Ticket to Ride: India
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: New to me

This was a fun map to play and I like the bonus scoring for being able to connect a ticket by more than one path.

Our game started out with Michael and John competing heavily for the northwest while I was left mostly alone to start in the east and move across the south. I quickly connected my inital two tickets and continued to draw and complete tickets the rest of the game and ended up with a fairly easy win.

Tier auf Tier
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 8/09

Two games, with Michael and his daughters. The youngest won the first game the older won the second game. I did better than I usually do in the second game, not causing a collapse. The one big collapse happened just before the last placement when the younger one tried placing on top of a huge stack which caused a giant collapse. Sometimes, that is more fun than the actual building of the stack.

Würfel Bohnanza
Times Played: 4
Last Month Played: 3/12

I don't know if I will ever know when to give up on a card and start my next one. I always seem to hold out just a little too long.

I taught this to Michael and Alex one Saturday while waiting to see if anyone else would show up. Michael had my usual luck during the game. Nothing anyone rolled helped him. Alex had Hilary luck and ended up winning the game.

I did manage to win a four-player game, which shocked me. Of course it was like Michael kept rolling for me, because I managed to finish several orders on his rolls, and being the true bean-capitalist that I am I did not return the favor!

Wyatt Earp
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 4/11

I asked Michael to play this and was able to get this game from the Alea challenges marked off. Going into the third hand I was ahead $24,000 to $18,000 and there was $5,000 on the Sundance Kid and Michael dealt me four of him. I just need to be able to go out to win. I ended up scoring enough with the Kid and two other outlaws while shutting Michael out of them to make it a massacre on my part.

Zombie Dice
Times Played: 3
Last Month Played: 1/11

Expansion Played: both parts of Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature.

Alex had a couple of minutes before he had to leave and I had the expansion which I wanted to try out, so we played this simple, yet fun dice game with the Hunk, the Hotties, and Santa Clause. Zombie Alex was foiled in his attempt to be the best Zombie when the Hotties shotgunned him!

I also got this played a couple of times later in the month. We played with five players and it was a "blast," as always. Michael won both those games with one being an overtime shootout against John.

Zooloretto Würfelspiel
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 3/12

I had four of the score sheets laminated at Staples and made the mistake of asking that they be cut. Lamination, $0.89 for a single sheet of laminate. Cutting, $8.00. Yikes!

The lamination did work with the dry erase marker for keeping track of the scores, so running out of score sheets will not be a problem.
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