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Fury at Midway

Captain Nemo
United Kingdom
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Having read good things about this game I was keen to get a chance to give it a go. I had a chance to play it twice, first commanding the USN and then the IJN. In both cases the game did not last beyond the first turn.

In the first game the IJN had the enhanced operations search card and chose to launch an attack on Midway. The USN had the Troubled Reconnaissance card so duly countered the Japanese card but the IJN then rolled a six, returning the factors to the normal search rate. With the Midway strike making its return, the USN had a 3OP advantage, winning the initiative and allowing two strike waves to be launched and attack. The first wave scored two hits on three carriers and the second wave scored two hits on the fourth carrier. Game over as the IJN retreated after one turn.

Discussion concluded with the firm view that the IJN had to spend the first day clearing the USN from the combat area. Thus on the second play the IJN launched no strike on Midway and the search result was 4OP for the USN and 3OP for the IJN. The USN then achieved the initiative for the first three turns and struck with two waves, resulting in multiple hits on four carriers. Game over as the IJN retreated after one turn

In both cases the first turn saw the two carrier groups three hexes apart and the USN being able to deliver two waves of attacks on the IJN carriers before the IJN could react. The play of cards helps muddle up the options and percentages and being ignorant of what the cards had on them helped make the first game run very historically. A very neat and clever game but one cannot help feel that the outcome is really due to the dice rather more than skill in decision making. Most decisions seem fairly obvious but it will be interesting to see how others read the game play.

Recommendation: neutral.
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