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Oberon's Pucks: pnp faerie hockey card game

P.D. Magnus
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Some foolish yokels think that faeries are timeless, changeless creatures. One can easily find proof to the contrary. Consider, for instance, the fae fascination with hockey. King Oberon observed hockey being played for the first time in December 1873. He wandered for a time before returning behind the veil that separates his world from ours.

That Summer— July or perhaps August 1874— he called together a troop of his kinsmen and had them play this new human game. They played for an endless afternoon, and when they were done they sat down in the failing sunlight. "The puck was too small," a hob insisted, seating himself on a rock. "We're used to a much bigger Puck here."

"No no no!" yelped a pixie, dodging so as not to be sat on. "The puck was too big."

"I don't know about the size," said a nymph. "I just know there was too few of it."

By September 1874, Oberon codified the rules of Faerie Hockey. It is tempting to think that the annual Seelie/Unseelie tournament must have happened since the dawn of time, but it can't have. Faeries change, and hockey proves it.
Oberon's Pucks is a quick playing two-player card game about a hockey tournament between rival courts of faeries.

I originally designed the game and drew all the line art in 2003, before the Decktet. I remember playing game after game of it in a laundromat in Maine. Fun times.

I dangled it in front of a few publishers. None bit, and I got distracted by other things. I pulled it out again in 2015 and made some small changes. Then, back in a box.

Now I'm offering it as a print-and-play game, because it seems like time. Printing and playing are two things we can still do.

Download the print-and-play file

There are 12 pages of cards, illustrated in glorious colour. You could print them in black and white to save on printing costs, and the game would work just fine.

If you make a build of it, post a picture!

EDIT TO ADD: And now it's in the BGG database.
Board Game: Oberon's Pucks
Board Game: Oberon's Pucks
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