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April Painting & Lock-Down Madness

Scott Everts
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It's been about 6 weeks I've been in lock-down. I have my work machine setup on a little folding table in my home office. It's just a 180 degree spin in my chair between my home machine and work machine. Though I keep only one running otherwise it gets too hot from the two machines. We hit the 80's-90's here in California and my office gets the late afternoon sun so I've got a ceiling fan and hallway fan blowing air in. It's not horrible but keeping one machine off helps.

I thought I'd get more painting done but working at about the same pace I was before the lock-down. I did a few monsters for fun between the more boring humans. Though my last group of 12 Magma Fiends almost did me in from boredom. 12 is too many!

Being single it gets very quiet and lonely here. I go out once a week for supplies at the local Ralphs grocery store and try to get what I can from Amazon and Target. I finally scored some Bounty paper towels last week on Amazon! Why are paper products still hard to get after 6 weeks? I would imagine the hoarders have rooms stuffed full of decade long storage of TP! Really, how much surplus do you need? Two months ago I'd never imagine I'd get excited to buy some paper towels. How quickly we adapt to new conditions.

Game: Shadows of Brimstone - Painted Miniatures

Got some more enemies done. I'm nearly done with all the minis from the base sets, Cynder, Targa, & Jargono. I have all the non Other Worlds specific enemies done like Shikarri Nomads & Void Swarms. Just to note I no longer have the Japanese themed sets which my buddy now has. The only things I kept was the Magma Fiends (for Cynder) & Gastral Tyrant (for Derelict Ship). Otherwise I wouldn't be even half way done!

Last night I finished prepping the Ghost Warriors from Blasted Lands Other World set. I consider this set non Other World specific since they are primarily found in Canyons and Mines. I'm leaving the rest of the Blasted Lands minis for later.

I also have the 3 XXL figures (Ancient One, Burrower, & Beli'al) which are daunting because of the size. I was thinking of ordering Army Painter pre-colored primers to help give these a starting color. The only one that seems like fun is Beli'al. Ancient One is just mostly green and Burrower isn't much better. Just need lots and lots of paint and washes mostly. I'll get to them eventually, just not looking forward to it.

And have the various resin set pieces that FFP released on their website. If I remember right, there's 5 of those and most of them should be interesting to paint. Though they need some cleanup and I have to soak in vinegar and scrub really well with dish soap. I recently got a can of Rustoleum White Primer to speed up priming those. They are finicky on what primers stick to them.

Ok, enough rambling, here's what I've painted since last update.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Lost Army Hell Cannon and Crew
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: The Lost Army Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: The Lost Army Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Black Fang Tribe Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Black Fang Tribe Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Black Fang Tribe Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Hellfire Succubi Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Hellfire Succubi Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Gastral Tyrant Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Gastral Tyrant Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Gastral Tyrant Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Magma Fiends Enemy Pack

The Lost Army (first 3 pics) took most of January to finish. There were 16 figures along with the cannon. I had to really force myself to finish them, just so many with almost the exact same outfit. I did them in color groups starting with zombie flesh, white, red, blue, trim, & accessories/weapons. I set a goal of finishing by Jan 31 so spent many late nights finishing them up. But did make it in time for the January Golden Turtleback contest.

The Succubi took some time to get the flesh color right. I noticed the illustrations were a bright orange but a lot of people painted them a deep red. So tried to stick to the art. Unfortunately my camera washed out the colors so they don't look as good in the photo.

I enjoyed doing the big monsters which allowed me to practice wet blending, washes, and dry brushing to get some nice gradients.

The Vet Gunslinger (standing on mincart) was a promo from one of the Dice Fest conventions. I loved the base and pose. I got another promo, the Vet Saloon Girl which I'll probably fit in sometime soon.

I'm pretty happy with this set of figures. I think my favorite is the Black Fang War Shaman (with the wolf cape). He was nicely detailed with an interesting staff and cape. I spent some extra time on the Black Fang group working on their flesh tones and I think they turned out pretty good.

DungeonQuest - 8 Player Game Board

Years ago, Ryan (IntvGene) made an 8 player board. I've always meant to have it printed but never got around to it. A few weeks ago we broke out the game again so was inspired to get this done. I've been doing a lot of mousepad mat printing using InkedGaming. So looked over the various sizes they could print on and figured out a way with only slight modification to print it on a mat. I brought it into Photoshop and slightly enlarged it and did some cleanup of the edges. I also had to ditch the side charts. The important one for potions I moved to the top right corner. And moved the monster hitpoint tracker to the bottom right. Years ago I made a deck of cards to replace the monster fight tokens so didn't need that part either. Now fits on a 28" x 24" mousepad. You can use it for any size game as it opens up the dungeon which might make the Catacombs more interesting and allow more ways to escape.

Board Game: DungeonQuest

If you are curious, here's the deck of cards I made for monster fighting.

Board Game: DungeonQuest

This update is short but really only been painting besides the DungeonQuest project. I might rework my old Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League game board to fit a mousepad. I'd like to expand it by including the VP tracker and extend the planet goods cards area.

Mouse pads are cool, though they are more of a problem to store and aren't nearly as sharp so you have to use larger fonts. But relatively cheap to make and robust.

As for the lock-down. I'm definitely ready for it to be over. Though looks like we'll be doing this at least until June. I miss working with others. Sure, we've had good luck using Slack and Teams to communicate, but it's not the same as being together in an office. Humans are social creatures and being locked up gets to you. About 5 years ago I had a similar situation in the UK. I was stuck there for 6 weeks with a sick relative. We shared a tiny hotel room in the city of Bath. There wasn't really anything to do and she wasn't really mobile for the first 3 weeks so we just sat there watching terrible TV. I guess at least now I'm at home with projects and hobbies, so that's something. But I do miss hanging with friends and co-workers. Going out for meals, going to do activities together.

I've talked to some of my older family members and they are all understandably afraid. I'm getting close to 60 myself so I understand. We can't see each other for potentially a year or more and no idea how badly we'd all be affected if we got it. Though with the total confusion on what you can barely describe as news today, everyone is unsure how bad it really is. Some people think you'll die immediately walking out the door while others aren't concerned at all. And the so called "journalists" are really excited to make you wet your pants in fear.

And what about our economy? People are out of work and I don't know how many small businesses will recover. I expect we'll see a lot of empty storefronts when stuff starts to open up. A few weeks ago I called my dentist office and they said they'd call me when they can take patients again. I asked them how they were, and they said they were digging into savings to keep the business going.

Ok, enough sadness. I've got a new set of minis prepped last night for painting. Will start that tonight.

And on the TV front, I recently finished "Ultraseven" and last night watched the first two episodes of "Return of Ultraman". I really like Ultraseven. It's jarring that each new show has a completely new cast and story, but Return is promising. This time they are also showing family life for the main character. He's got a girlfriend and buddy. It takes its main story points from the original Ultraman and back to a being of light infesting into a human. And back to mostly Earth adventures instead of focusing on aliens like Ultraseven.

For movies, I finally saw "Sonic". That was fun. Also saw "Color Out of Space". Nicolas Cage gets to go nuts again. I think it was a worthy Cthulhu story. Some nice effects.

I have a new favorite YouTube channel- Lou Dalmaso
He's like the Bob Ross of model building. His videos are usually over an hour long and find them great to paint miniatures by.

I'm back to playing some video games again. I highly recommend "Ancient Enemy" if you like digital card games. Its a relaxing game and has a fun little fantasy story woven in.

I also picked up "Cloudpunk". Haven't spent much time with it yet but looks beautiful. The city graphics are amazing.

That's probably enough for this blog. Stay safe everyone!
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