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If life gives you Carcassonne tiles, frame them!

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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Well the title is rather clickbaity since I bought two sets of Carcassone tiles at the thread: Hunt for second hand games for Spiel 2019: HERE

The idea was simple: Buy a set of basic game of Carcassonne to frame the tiles. The idea, also, is buying them as lower as you can since you don't need the score board, rules, box etc.

So thanks to
Rukus (André Heines)
30 km from Essen
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Tobias Lunte
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who sold me the tower expansion that actually won't be in the frame but it is in our collection )

And (with a lot of delay, you know, one thing is saying that your'e going to do a thing and another completely different is actually doing it) spending some isolation time, finally we made it! The Covid nightmare we're living in Spain mixed with the clear "Stay at f**** home" message helped a little bit.

So here they are the steps and the how-to:

The perfect size for this (including the enough deepness to hold the base+tile+standing meeple) is the Ikea's Ribba 50x50 frame:
From gallery of israperrillo

Every Ikea item has its own instructions. So we took as guidance (to put every tile perfectly centered) those instructions to paste the Carcassone starting tile:
From gallery of israperrillo

The original idea was playing a Carcassonne game ON the sheeet and then paste the tiles but since sometimes the map gets really ugly, we more or less designed a map in our taste. Once the map was designed, then we glued (with sticky tape) every tile to the instructions sheet. After that, glued some meeples in the tiles and some spare tiles in a sort-of drawing pile. It supposed to be a game in progress!!
From gallery of israperrillo

Finally, with more sticky tape, glued the sheet (without any sign of being the instructions sheet) to the frame base to hold all the components
From gallery of israperrillo

Close the frame (recycle the passepartout or use it in another frame) and there you go!
From gallery of israperrillo

And see how it looks hanging on the wall
From gallery of israperrillo

From gallery of israperrillo

Saty safe everyone!
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