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Creating custom card games on playingcards.io

Martin G
United Kingdom
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I recently discovered http://playingcards.io, a really easy-to-use site where you can create a 'room' equipped with a deck of cards and share the link with as many players as you like (no login required). Movement is automatically synchronised between all players, so you can see cards being dragged around in real-time. You each get a 'hand' area too, and you can add named areas on the table to stack cards. If you've used Tabletop Simulator, think of this as a 2-D version.

But the coolest thing about it is the customisation features they've been adding! You can add new decks from a .csv file containing links to card images, so you choose basically any deck that you can create/scan images for. You can also resize decks, so you can easily use them to generate custom tokens too, and there are coloured pawns, counters and d2/4/6/8/10/12/20 spinners too.

Recently you've also been able to save an entire room layout (decks, positions of stacks on the table, counters etc.) which makes it very easy to share a customised set up for a specific game. For someone else to use it, they just create a new room as usual, go to 'edit mode', choose 'room options' and then upload the .pcio file.

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So far I've made templates for:

The Crew: Quest for Planet 9: https://github.com/mcgriffiths/cardgames/blob/master/crew.pc...

Voodoo Prince: https://github.com/mcgriffiths/cardgames/blob/master/voodoo....

Texas Showdown: https://github.com/mcgriffiths/cardgames/blob/master/texas_s...

and I also made a generic deck (0-20 + blank, 8 colours): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mcgriffiths/cardgames/mast...

which you can easily load up and then choose which cards you want and how many of each.

I wrote a bit of R code to generate these (rather basic) deck images so it's now very easy to create any deck that's just colours, numbers and one optional symbol.

Let me know if you try any of these out, and also if you have any requests or if you'd like me to give you a hand getting started with your own.

And please post any of your creations here: Games implemented on playingcards.io
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