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Recent gaming (and an episode recorded)

Mark Johnson
United States
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That's a Palm Pilot on the left, and a pink iPod mini on the right. Yes, I've been doing BGTG that long!
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I've done a lot of good gaming lately. The discovery of another local gamer really helped bring our group back to a viable level, and we now may have another. If so, we should have 3-5 gamers every week, which is ideal for a single table.

Board Game: Tigris & Euphrates

Tigris & Euphrates
For a long time I've wanted to introduce Tigris & Euphrates to the lunch group. It's too long, actually, but the two most serious boardgamers in that casual group deserve to be introduced to such an awesome game. They've enjoyed the light games I've brought before, titles like For Sale, Exxtra, and Piece o' Cake, but I know they wanted to see something intense. Which E&T is. When the opportunity finally presented itself, I jumped on it. We got through about 3/4 of a game before we ran out of time, but hopefully we'll get another chance that will go quicker since they know the rules.

Board Game: Lancaster

At recent game nights, I finally got to try Lancaster. I'm trying to decide what I think about it. Especially having played Lords of Waterdeep earlier. Both are clean, attractive worker placement games. Lanc has more "stuff" in terms of mechanics, some of which are thematic if you look really closely, and care about the sedate, historical theming of most euros. LoW stands out in contrast--its extra stuff is in the fantasy theming hiding just under the surface, with those quest cards and character-type resource cubes. Which is better? To my surprise, I think I might go with LoW for its clean gameplay. However, I'd gladly play either some more.

Board Game: Africana

Designer Michael Schacht has steadily been building up his own pbem site (which draws on the mabiweb software, as far as I can tell). He recently introduced Africana, and I've been enjoying my plays quite a bit. I had to learn online (never ideal), but there's not too much to this game. For me, that's a good thing! The comparisons to Valdora are reasonable, a game I liked but nothing more than that. Africana seems to work best with a small number of players, like 2-3.


P.S. The podcast episode was recorded last night. Dave Gullett met me and we talked about playing games outdoors...while recording the podcast outdoors!
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