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Am I The Only One To Think...2

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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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...that this year's 'virtual cons' are going to be nothing more than a thousand variations on BGG's live Con streams?

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I mean there's nothing wrong with showcasing new products etc but that's NOT a "virtual con", that's just doing the usual, seen-it-before media shilling. Take a step away from the enthusiastic re-branding / re-paint job we're being sold and GenCon 2020 is going to comprise the same variable quality of industry guests being gamely chivvied along by Beth, Eric and that bloke with the massive chin.

I have questions and I have doubts:

The Demo experience?
Obviously, the huge increase in interest for Tabletop Simulator/Tabletopia is a viable channel for exposure to the new hotnesses BUT how much of a cut of sales would these platforms want/force if they're being actively promoted as demo venues by the publishers?

The 'P'-word; the thing that we all adore ie. being rewarded for our being bothered to schlepp to the Halls with a card or a chit or a chewy sweet? I can see 'live giveaways', perhaps? But I hope they're all ready for the howling bleats of 'The Denied' because timezones preclude timely attendance.

Okay - this is much easier: scoff a couple of rancid chicken mcnuggets then throw 20 euros in to the bin.

Pitching One's Game(s)
Oh, and don't get me started - oops, you did - on the latest trend in arsewittery from the hipster game companies (or do we have to call them "Design Studios" now?): "Speed Pitching". Fuck you all with your smug, self-satisfied, self-important con-artistry. How fortunate we must feel that you deign to give up 2 minutes of your incalculably-valuable time to dwell with us mere mortals; how we be-shit our trousers at the undoubted privilege you afford us as you pretend you know what you're talking about - wheedling and judge-ing and criticising (but constructively and with sincerity, OBVIOUSLY?!) over Zoom, or whatever else lactose-free collaborative-platform is making you all jizz in your trendy undercrackers this week. Fuck you in to the Sea for reducing the hard work of designers to a series of patronising soundbites and platitudes; making a tawdry reality show out of our dreams. Fuck. You.

The Getting Drunk With Pals You've Not Seen For 12 Months
Impossible to reproduce.

Buying, buying and MORE buying?
If there's one "good" thing about no Spiel is that I'll save myself about 1000 euros of game purchases - even with the generosity of industry pals enabling me to get oodles of free stuff, I still adore trawling the lesser Halls for curios and rarities. Speculative purchases, too, are an 'in-person' thing and can't be cloned for virtuality.

We are being told of 'lots of things in store'; organisers are 'working on a full itinerary' and we're to expect 'surprises galore!' but I don't want empty promises, I want details and I want them now! You'll not get me hunched over my laptop - melting the motherboard with 12 hours of live streaming for four days - with non-specifics. If you know what you're doing then tell us; if you don't know, then shut up and tell us when you do.

I want my 2020 back, please; this isn't the year I signed up for.
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