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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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In light of MrShep's recent blog post (HERE) revolving about this statement in the Repos manual for Just One -

From gallery of MrShep

- I, humbly*, present a free alternative in the spirit of 'Fuck you!' to the Great Legal Minds(TM)** who request this sort of unenforceable shite spoil everyone's day:

From gallery of tonyboydell

a. Give each player a sheet of paper and a writing implement; encourage players to write small enough to make the sheet last for the whole game in an attempt to be more environment-friendly.

b. Throw your copy/copies of Concept and Just One (and any other tiresome, derivative tat that Repos have spunked out in order to avoid taxation) in to the recycling (separate the cardboard from the plastic components according to the rules of your local authority).

c. Nominate a player as the GUESSER; the player seated to the left of the GUESSER is the NOMINATOR. All players should decide, at this point, how many 'lives' are allowed (I recommend three with six players, adding one for each two players beyond that) - you are ready to play!

Playing the game:

1. The NOMINATOR announces a Subject Category and then writes down an example of something in that category; it can be any category you like but it should be general enough to provide good choices eg. films, vegetable, books and so on.

2. The GUESSER closes their eyes and/or performs some other operation of obscuring (dependent upon visual/aural impairment etc). The NOMINATOR shows, in silence and ensuring the GUESSER is not privvy, their selected example.

3. All players - except the GUESSER 'excluded' - must write down a single word clue to the 'example'.

4. When all players have written their word, the NOMINATOR removes any duplicates from play ie. if there is more than one instance of a word, ALL instances of that word are removed. Plural and singular forms together count as duplicated.

5. The GUESSER returns to play and is shown the remaining, valid clue words and must guess the example of the selected category. If they are correct, the team scores one point; if they are incorrect, the round counts as the loss of one life - if there are no lives left, the game is over and proceed to checking for victory OTHERWISE repeat the round structure from step 1, with the NOMINATOR now becoming the GUESSER and the player to the left of the new GUESSER becoming the new NOMINATOR.

Checking for Victory:
If your final score, as a group, after all lives lost is greater than the number of players then you have WON! Huzzah! Record your winning margin ie. the score minus the number of players on a league table, if you like.

If your final score, as a group, is less than or equal to the number of players then you have LOST and should be thoroughly-ashamed of yourselves.

(c) 2020 Tony Boydell
Important note: do what the fuck you like with these rules.

I love you x

*not in the slightest bit
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