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Playtesting Request

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I've recently been playtesting a 4P version of Haggis (thank you playtesters!). It's based on some ideas I developed while creating Rooster (at this point, they are essentially the same game with different distributions and slightly different bombs). I think it works very well. And, if Rooster is a good indicator (and it seems to be), the 6p game will also be very good. I still have to test it, and my new 3p version of the game, but I think this is going to work out.

However, here's the thing: When I increased the number of cards in the deck to match the higher player counts, I also increased the number of point cards you would have to fish out of your tricks at the end of the hand, which is a bit tedious on its own, but then you also have to do all of the arithmetic with those additional point cards and that really was tedious. So, I got rid of the point cards.

And it was fine. In fact, it was better.

Now, at every player count other than 2P, you do not add up point cards; instead, you simply count how many total cards you captured and that number is your score. It's much simpler. It's much quicker. It's cleaner and it's easier. And it works for 3P, 4P, and 6P (and will work for 5P if I ever get around to working on that).

My concerns now are: Should I also remove the point cards from 2P so that the game is consistent for all player counts? Is the game as good at 2P without the point cards? If I remove point cards from the game, is this still Haggis? Or should I move on and call this game something else, like Rooster?

What I would like--what I need--is for people who play 2P Haggis already to try the game again at least twice. Play a full 2P game with the rules as they are now. Then, play a full 2P game but instead of adding up point cards, just count the number of cards that you capture and score that amount for captured cards. And then tell me which you prefer. The results of these tests will determine what a reprint of Haggis (or printing with some other name) will become...

Poll: Haggis 2P without point cards
Is Haggis without point cards better, worse, or pretty much the same?
      3 answers
Poll created by seandavidross

Poll: Haggis or Rooster
Should I still call this game, that does not have point cards, Haggis?
      5 answers
Poll created by seandavidross


Note: I changed the first poll. It was not worded clearly before.

If the answers are "Better" or "Pretty much the same" then the point cards will go away. If the majority answer is "Worse", which I doubt, the point cards would stay, but only in the 2P game.
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