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Q2 2020 review

Martin G
United Kingdom
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Don't fall in love with me yet, we've only recently met
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Total plays: 139

Distinct games: 43

New-to-me games: 8

Dimes: 1 - For Sale (14)

Nickels: 9 - 7 Wonders (8), Race for the Galaxy (8), 6 nimmt! (6), Innovation (6), Tichu (6), American Book Shop (5), Codenames (5), Quirky Circuits (5), Tea Time (5)

Well, here we (still) are. I don't think I'd have predicted when I did the last of these quarterly reviews that I'd not have been under a roof other than my own house by the time of the next one!

Very little face-to-face gaming, just Quirky Circuits with Sarah and a few kids games with Effie. But my online gaming life has been fantastic! Tuesdays with the usual games night crew have kept going, with a mix of social games and favourites (plus 7 Wonders) on BoardGameArena. Thursdays I usually arrange to play something a bit meatier with friends I don't usually get to see often. And then there have been several fantastic trick-taking nights using playingcards.io (Games implemented on playingcards.io).

I've been saying for years that I'd rather be playing my favourites than learning loads of new games, and here we are!

Now a look at the collection.

Acquired: 4 - Quirky Circuits, Heir to the Pharaoh, Letterpress, Finished!

Removed: 2 - Onirim (Second Edition), Fresh Fish

Owned: 224

Unplayed: 3 - Heir to the Pharaoh, Res Publica, Uruk: Wiege der Zivilisation

Heir to the Pharaoh (which Nick sent me in return for Onirim) awaits the return of face-to-face game. The other acquisitions were intended for play with Sarah or solo (both in the case of Letterpress).

Best new-to-me: Quirky Circuits has been a lot of fun but the last month has seen me try four great trick-takers by Taiki Shinzawa (新澤 大樹), of which the best is American Book Shop.

 10   6 nimmt! x6 (159 all-time)
 10   Babylonia (14 all-time)
 10   For Sale x14 (63 all-time)
 10   Hanabi x4 (76 all-time)
 10   Innovation x6 (87 all-time)
 10   Love Letter x3 (136 all-time)
 10   Pax Porfiriana x3 (87 all-time)
 10   Race for the Galaxy x8 (254 all-time)
 10   Tichu x6 (54 all-time)
 9   Circle the Wagons (46 all-time)
 9   Fuji Flush (61 all-time)
 9   Haggis x2 (18 all-time)
 9   Jump Drive x4 (138 all-time)
 9   Just One x3 (27 all-time)
 9   Northern Pacific (10 all-time)
 9   Perudo (78 all-time)
 9   The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine x3 (15 all-time)
 9   The Palaces of Carrara x3 (29 all-time)
 9   Voodoo Prince x2 (18 all-time)
 9   Wir sind das Volk! x2 (15 all-time)
 8   American Bookshop Card Game x5 NEW!
 8   Codenames x5 (53 all-time)
 8   Coloretto x2 (25 all-time)
 8   Quantum (15 all-time)
 8   Quirky Circuits x5 NEW!
 8   Red7 (27 all-time)
 8   Texas Showdown x3 (15 all-time)
 8   Wavelength x4 (13 all-time)
 7   A Fake Artist Goes to New York (6 all-time)
 7   Can't Stop x2 (10 all-time)
 7   Diamant x3 (18 all-time)
 7   Dois x2 NEW!
 7   Dragon's Breath (10 all-time)
 7   Letterpress x2 (3 all-time)
 7   Lost Cities (6 all-time)
 7   Time Palatrix x3 NEW!
 7   Zimbabweee Trick x2 NEW!
 6   7 Wonders x8 (31 all-time)
 6   Chicken Cha Cha Cha x3 (5 all-time)
 6   Kingdomino x4 (7 all-time)
 6   Origin of Failing Water NEW!
 6   Tea Time x5 NEW!
 6   The Fight: We gonna fight them all! NEW!
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