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Stonemaier Games Announces Pendulum; Viticulture Digital Now Available

Candice Harris
United States
Los Angeles
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Board Game Publisher: Stonemaier Games
• In a July 2020 update from Stonemaier Games, Jamey Stegmaier announced an upcoming new release, Pendulum, designed by Travis P. Jones featuring art from Robert Leask.

Pendulum is a competitive, turnless, asymmetric worker placement, time-optimization game for 1-5 players. In more detail from the publisher:
In Pendulum, each player is a powerful, unique noble vying to succeed the Timeless King as the true ruler of Dünya. Players command their workers, execute stratagems, and expand the provinces in their domain in real time to gain resources and move up the four victory tracks: power, prestige, popularity, and legendary achievement.

Board Game: Pendulum

Players must use actual time as a resource in managing their strategy to best their opponents, using time on different action types and balancing it with time spent planning and analyzing. The winner will be the player who manages and invests their time most effectively and who builds the best engine, not the player who acts the quickest.

Pendulum is the highest-rated protoype in the history of the Stonemaier Games Design Day.
Pendulum will be available to preorder from Stonemaier Games in early August 2020, with all preorders being shipped in August from fulfillment centers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK. I can't wait to check out Pendulum when it's in full swing!

• Stonemaier Games' wine-making, worker-placement classic Viticulture has gone digital! A full-AI digital adaptation of Viticulture is now available from Digidiced on iOS and Android, and it will be coming soon on Steam. I'm really hoping we'll also see the Tuscany expansion integrated digitally soon, too.

From gallery of candidrum

Board Game: My Little Scythe
Hoby Chou and daughter Vienna Chou's Pie in the Sky expansion for the family-friendly, adventure game My Little Scythe is now available directly from Stonemaier and retailers. My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky features more adorable art from Katie Khau and adds two new pairs of Seeker miniatures (owls and arctic foxes), an airship, special abilities, two new kingdoms, and more. Here's a small taste of Pie in the Sky as described by the publisher:
Pie in the Sky begins on the eve of the 3000th Harvest Tournament, where stories are retold of Pomme's ancient animals venturing into distant lands to establish their own kingdoms. To accomplish this, Pomme's founders worked together to build the legendary Airship Kai, imbuing it with the best knowledge from all nine animal species. Sharing the ship's powers and speed, each kingdom established its foundations. But one year, the airship and its Fox and Owl passengers journeyed into the far frontiers and were never seen or heard from again...until now.

Board Game: My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky

As animals gather for the milestone tournament, the fabled lost airship emerges from the horizon, carrying Seekers from the Fox and Owl kingdoms. As if this reunion isn't reason enough for celebration, Pomme's Seekers realize that Airship Kai still responds to each animal species. The stage is set for the greatest Harvest Tournament in 3000 years!
Board Game: Rolling Realms
• Jamey Stegmaier posted a survey in early July 2020 to gauge interest for a more official, produced version of his roll-and-write game Rolling Realms.

Stegmaier released Rolling Realms in April 2020 as a free print-and-play game to play with people around the world via Facebook Live during self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rolling Realms features nine minigames, each inspired by a different Stonemaier Game, and you use three of these realms per game, adding up the scores of three consecutive games to determine the overall winner.
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