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Project GIPF vs The Games on Half a Checkerboard Series (and a request)

Richard Hutnik
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I am trying to blog daily here, if I can. It is a good outlet for myself, helps me work on my writing skills, and also get feedback from the community. It is a way to get to know me as a designer. Well, that is challenging to come up with topics to do every day. So, I have a list. So today, due to the fact nothing last minute popped up, I will look at a comparison of Project Gipf vs my Games on Half a Checkerboard Series.

First, it would be unfair if I didn't admit that GIPF Project wasn't an inspiration for my Series. Project GIPF is a series of abstract strategy games, centering around the game GIPF, and the use of playing other games to introduce new pieces to it. Each of these games are highly regarded, and most people interested in abstracts in any sort will find at least one game of interest, if not all of them. The Half Checkerboard series of games are inspired by a series of games linked together the way GIPF is, so the existence of the series, owes part of being due to Project GIPF.

So, how do they compare? Well, here is are several ways:
* The motivation for the Games on Half a Checkerboard Series is different than Project GIPF. It is much more of an exploration of a game space (half a checkerboard), with other games that existed before the Series existed, being adopted to it. Often, games were based on asking: How can you do a game like X on such a space? A number of game were born from asking this question. Also, you have a number of experimental concepts, later in the series, that happen to use the space to express themselves. It is pretty much an exploration above anything else, with a mixed bag. The range is more diverse in types of games than Project GIPF, but the qualify of Project GIPF is likely higher overall. This being said, there are some good, to very good designs in The Games on Half a Checkerboard Series, and games like J: The Misere Connection Game that are groundbreaking in what they do, but this comes from the exploratory nature of the Series.

* Designs for Project GIPF were not restrained by a board space, so they were able to adjust accordingly as needed. The game design pushed itself as needed. Half Checkerboard Series, on the other hand, was bounded by the board space, and gameplay for games adjusted themselves to the space.

* Probably the best way to compare the two is, to say that the Games on Half a Checkerboard Series is very much a poorman's version of the Project GIPF. Some would argue in regards to quality, but also, it is relatively inexpensive to assembled the Games on Half a Checkerboard Series. For less than $10 (if not less than $5), one can be able to play every game in the Half a Checkerboard Series, by adding multiple checker sets, and a chess set, and some dice, by buying stuff at a dollar store.

So, this sums up a comparison of the two. I tip my hat off to Project GIPF and ask everyone to look at it. And I offer Games on Half a Checkerboard Series as an experimental and exploratory piece, showing examples of "If game X were played on such a space, what would it look like?"

Ok, onto the request. I am looking at closing the Series down. I am planning on the last game (game #32) being a game for up to 32 players. But now, game #31 is up in the air. I want to add something, and have some ideas, but would like input. Do you have ideas what kind of game you would like to have as game 31? If so, please add comments below. I would be up for solid input here, to help pick it. I just would like some input. I would also consider joining with someone else, or several others, to create game #31, if you are game. I am looking to step away from the series at 32. Maybe I do a series 2, but something about 32 games on 32 spaces has a harmony to it.

Again, thank you for taking your time to read this.
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