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About my work in these days of the lockdown.
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Crisis 2020

Friedemann Friese
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My challenge to click every single BGG entry is now at #6200. Eric Snider asked me if I found something interesting and today I had something really strange. Game #6153: Crisis: 2000 is a game published 1994. A vision for 6 years in the future, but in 2007 this came out: Crisis 2020. It is called: Crisis 2020 / America divided.

I'm not from the US, but in our news here in Europe there is a lot of wording these times that: the USA (aka America) is divided right now in 2020, maybe the Simpsons were right and Lisa is still waiting....

Sometimes it is not possible to not get political. Today a wannabe dictator from (south-)America got infected by a mostly harmless flu. The news say we should not have Schadenfreude, because if he really has a fast and unheavy illness, this will only make it worse. My problem is now: Do they say I should hope he will get ill seriously....

Now something completely different:

For Feierabend I want to write a Designer's Diary, because the game will come out in 10 to 14 days and I should promote it. Or should I say inform the gamer's if this is game for them or not.

What should be in the Diary:

- It started with the idea of doing a worker unplacement. Or inverse worker placement. A very mechanical idea.

- But the next step was the thematic one: Let's place the workers on non working spaces. Do an after-work(er) placement. The rest is kind of easy.

- A quote from a friend of mine came into my mind: If I want to have success I should add "Beer, Boobs and motor bikes" [now this blog is not only about politics, but also sex, only religion is missing to be thrown to another forum, OMG ].

- The question was now: What kind of worker placement spaces should be there: We need a standard place: a bed for sleeping in front of the TV. But also a pub is needed. The game was designed before COVID-19, so the pub is crowded, no limit for workers. Both of these spaces are unlimited.

- On an abstract point of view: What do you get from after-work: It's of course not money, this would be a worker placement, so it must be relaxation (get unstressed). So a currency must be relaxation or stress. But money is also needed. And we need sex, so we need partners. (As I know from bridge: You need a good hand or a good partner! (like sex))

- Have a look on the spaces: Simple spaces for relaxation like fishing of jogging, without paying anything, just pure relaxation. Motorbikes!!! I decided to have motorbikes to make a ride with your partner (was this already a pun??), so you need a partner to use this space. An we need a space to get a partner, so I decided to take a blind date spot.

- What else is better for relaxation to do in your free time: amusement parks (expensive), holidays (also expensive), sex! (with a partner), so there is this special motel to get a lot of relaxation (you only go there with a partner) and it costs 6$ (six dollars, a pun??).

- Now I had my worker placement spaces. I had the idea that you can place more than one worker at a time in the pub or sleeping space. This was leading to the "problem" that players are done with placing their workers at different times. So I decided that you can get your workers back, when you have no more to play. Last week I played Everdell the first time and was surprised that this is used there as well. Ok now all people will say that I copied it and yes I'am later with this than Everdell, sounds reasonable, but it was a parallel thing.

- In usual worker placement games you have sometime the starting player space. Do not need it with the fact to get workers back, when all are placed. Another thing is to get more workers, but this is ok in a game where you hire workers to do your work and try to pay them a little money to get the most benefit out of them. But here: We are the workers and we want to relax.

- Then there was the biggest step: Yes we are the workers and we want to relax from the stressy work. But I only have to relax so much, because my work stresses me so much. Why not fight for better working conditions. A new currency for the game "was born": strike markers. Now we have a new space for going to the union to get more strike markers. And in the beginning of the game you're not allowed to have holidays, you have to fight for it. You have to work 70 hours a week and this is stress, so fight for less work time. You get paid, but not enough for long holidays or anything else. So fight for it. Of course your women get paid less than your men. So fight for it. Maybe you should even fight for a stronger union to get more strike markers. Now I have an engine building part to the game, fine.

- Some later ideas were added: go to the pub to work a second shift, for more money but more stress as well. To get retired workers, when the work-week-time gets lower. You are forced to got to the pub if your level of stress is to high. This is sooooo thematic. The only thing you can do is to drink, if your level of stress is to high....

Now I have to go to the dentist with my son.... No more blog today!
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