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I Watched The Last of Us 2 Instead of Playing it, Gaming has changed.

Zeta Holmes
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Brief article about how things have changed gaming wise, I watched the Last of Us 2 instead of playing it myself. I know I'm not the only one who did.

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Yes, you read that right, I watched someone else's gameplay of The Last of Us 2, instead of playing it myself. Now before some of you criticize me in the comments, it isn't really that weird or far fetched. Over the past 10 years or so especially the age of youtube and now twitch, watching gameplay has become a big deal.

So when one of the most anticipated gaming titles of the year came out and everyone was excited to play through the story to see how things continue for Ellie. I was one of them at first but being more of a multiplayer fanatic, I was turned off finding out there would be no multiplayer for second game like there was in the first. However I still wanted to know the story, I loved the story in the first one as it was one of the better story telling for a AAA game. So of course I would like to know and see how things continued, but was knowing worth $60? Some of you will say yes, and some will be like myself and say eeh.

There are a lot of reason why watching gameplay became popular. Time, some people don't have the time to play 60+ hours in every game that comes out, but can find time to watch a few video anywhere. Money, not everyone has the funds to buy every or most of the hyped games each time they come out. They also could be kids who don't have income for all the games they want, and we all know kids want almost every game. Lastly interest or preference, not every game interest everyone enough to get. Whatever the various reason are, watching as become a much needed area that has now been fulfilled tremendously.

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I then fired up the YouTube app, and began my adventure of watching The Last of Us 2 story gameplay. The game and story telling was entertaining even from just watching instead of playing. This is the new niche of gaming, someone is playing something you don't have or something you're not good at, you watch. You get to see what you came for and are entertained, while supporting the person who is doing the playing or uploading. It's win win for both parties. Does it feel a little weird watching someone else's journey in a game? Sometimes, you also find yourself thinking you may have done in game decisions differently from the player you're watching. Luckily most games the story cutscenes are pretty universal, aside from those games where decision making actually affects the outcome or cutscenes.

I'm as an essay writer is not going to talk about my thoughts on the story, you've probably seen articles and opinions talking about the ending. What I will say is, at least we all saw it, those who played it themselves and those who watched it. Now we can all discuss and contribute to the talks and topics online and with people. Curious how did you all see the story, did you play it or did you watch it? Comment down below.
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