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I've been meaning to check out Gregg Jewell's Maverick since I discovered the WIP thread a while back. This game has changed a lot over development and it's interesting to see how the developer updated the art and mechanics as the game progressed. This is a dungeon-themed one or two-player 60-card puzzle game, but 40 of the cards are numbered action cards (8x 1-5) that can be sourced elsewhere. I used a Phase10 deck for the action deck.

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You set out a dungeon of 13 monsters and move your monster hunter and companion cards along the line, slaying monsters by playing the action cards needed for a combination of attacks: melee, charge, ranged. There are a few other actions available, such as switching your companion or cycling action cards back into the deck, that cost 1 card to use. The monsters have a few variable powers. The artwork is great, but the cards print out very dark on my inkjet and the color on the icons is muted.

In the 1.0 rules scoring is based on the values of remaining action cards at the end of the game, but this game also has a gambling sort of mechanic where you can set aside action cards in the beginning as a form of down payment by the townsfolk, and these cards are worth double at the end.

This game works as a short puzzle game, and I had no trouble managing it on a smaller surface using rows instead of a continuous card line. I think the core idea lends itself to interesting possibilities, but the current implementation does feel a bit like a micro game trapped in a full deck's body.

Something that caught my attention almost immediately is that all the monster cards have a strength value, but the strength value is only relevant if the monster can be slain by a melee attack. As a result there are monster cards that have a extraneous strength value since they are slain by some combination of ranged/charge attacks. I considered what it might be like to have a full deck of multi-purpose cards that function as both monster and action cards. I don't think it would dillute the concept but I do think it would introduce a lot of scoring variability, for better or worse.

All that just to say, I enjoy the game! I recommend giving it a try if you like the theme or solo puzzle games that rely on number play.
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