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About my work in these days of the lockdown.
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Holidays are over but not school holidays for the kids, so work-time is still a very valuable resource to have.

Today I managed to work a lot. The Faiyum data had to be double-checked the last time, before going to the printer.

What is Faiyum?

Is it a deck builder??

Kind of. Every player has its own deck of cards and buys new cards for the deck. But you have your complete deck in your hand and play 1 card per turn. Newly acquired cards go directly into the hand and you can play them as a turn. (Buying a card is a turn as well). How to get your deck back?? If you run out of cards or out of valuable card-plays, you can decide to get back your cards, but in reverse the order you played them. Last played comes back first. You get 3 cards back for free, every single other card you want to have back will cost you 1$.

Yes and No to deck building!

Is it worker placement??

Kind of. We are building a structure together. Nobody owns anything (like Road & Boats). Cards allow us to put workers on the board. Harvesters to harvest spaces others only to settlements others only to workshops. If a space already has 1 worker, you cannot play one. This sound like worker placement, but you do not own any workers. If you need one, just take a neutral one. In administration you can remove two from the board to open the spaces for everybody. If you build a new settlement on a space with a worker, it cannot be used to place a worker until the worker vanishes and workers can even move over the board.

Yes and No to worker placement!

And then the use of the current and future market from Power Grid. 8 numbered cards in the market, but only the 4 lowest to be acquired. Ok no auctions just pay 3,4,5 or 7$ for the first 4 card, draw a new one and sort it in the 8 cards.

On the other hand it does not matter, because I think it is very good game. Strategy (you really have to look which cards to buy, the order to play them and where to build the common stuff), different ways to victory (only a few powerful cards and a fast cycle of them or a big hand and scoring a lot in the endgame only to name two different options), interactive but no "take-that" (if everything is owned by everybody nobody can steal something from you ), about 2 hours long.

After checking all the files today, I really look forward to see this published. (I even have an idea for an expansion)

But now I have to think of the next game after Faiyum (never stop...). By now I think I will be a rail-game (with transport and network building)

but this another day......
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